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Lack of Vitamin C – Effects you should know

Lack of Vitamin C
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There are Six Classes of food your body is in need of, which are; Water, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate Minerals and Vitamins. All these classes of food are so important and cannot be neglected. Vitamin being one of them has a wonderful and important role to play and when it is not taken into the body, detrimental effects comes next. There are about 13 Vitamins your body needs, some of them are A, C, D, E, K etc. But do you know about Vitamin C? Do you know what happens when there is Lack of Vitamin C in the Body? You will find out soon.

Lack of Vitamin C

All Vitamins are important but I have to concentrate really on just one of them which is the Vitamin C, I won’t focus on everything that has to do with this type of Vitamin but I will draw your attention on some basic things about Vitamin C and the Effects of its deficiency.

What is Vitamin C and the Roles it plays?

This is a type of Vitamin also known as ascorbic acid, and it is classified as a water soluble vitamin. This Vitamin cannot be made by human body that is why it is an essential component of our diet. Some of the roles it plays in the body include:

In helps in the production of collagen
It is an antioxidant.
Helps in the prevention of some fatal diseases.
Vitamin C helps in tissue growth and repair.

Lack of Vitamin C in the body has a detrimental effects in the body that most people seem to ignore. Many individual don’t know what happens when there is a deficiency in the rate of Vitamin C in the Body, I am going to reveal some now.

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Lack of Vitamin C – Effects caused by it.

1.) Dry Skin: The epidermis of the skin contains large amount of vitamin C and the function is that it has to protect the skin from damage caused by the sun or ozone. But when you lack this vitamin, the skin becomes Dry and looks Damage.

2.) Wound Heals Slowly: Lack of Vitamin C causes a reduction in the rate of collagen formation that is, it causes would to heal slowly. Imagine someone that just had a serious injury and suffers from Vitamin C deficiency, that person will eventually loss a lot of blood.

3.) Bleeding Gum: This is a major effect of Lack of Vitamin C most people know about. This is a situation when the tissues of Gum become weak and inflamed thereby making it possible for blood to flow out.

4.) Tiredness: There is no surprise this is among them. Tiredness can be associated when Vitamin C is deficient in the body. This makes people slow to do works.

5.) Painful and Swollen Joint: Rheumatoid Arthritis is known for this. But according to some researches carried out that marvels me to know is that people with Lack of Vitamin C might suffer Arthritis

6.) Prone to Flu and Cold: Vitamin C helps in the production of white blood cells. What is the function of the white blood cell? Its main function is to fight against disease. When there is no Vitamin C the production of these cells are in minimal making the body prone to flu.

7.) Splitting Hair: Hair follicles contain tiny blood vessels that supply blood and nutrients to the hair. When there is no Vitamin C, these small blood vessels becomes fragile and break easily.

8.) Weak Bones: Just as calcium plays a vital role in bone formation, Vitamin C also play a crucial role. When there is no or little vitamin C, there is a formation of weak bones.

9.) Weight Loss
10.) Nose Bleeding.

All these are Effects of Lack of Vitamin C in the Body. Since you now know the detrimental effects.

Ways to Prevent Lack of Vitamin C Effects.

There is indeed ways to prevent this effects. There is a saying “Prevention is better than Cure” this is indeed true. You have to prevent this negative effects but how can you do that? It is simple:

1.) Find the Sources of Vitamin C
2.) Start the intake of the sources.

Sources of Vitamin C

It is in Tablet form also
Kiwi fruit. Etc.

Please start taking all these source at least one of them each day to make the level of Vitamin C in your body normal. Lack of Vitamin C is something the body don’t need, get your body some Vitamins.

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