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Many people have the talent of writing interesting and fascinating article but they don’t know how to get money through it. There are many ways to make money through writing online that have not crossed your mind. KnowledgeNuts is one way also you can monetize your writing skill. We are going to do a review on how it works and how one can make money through it.

KnowledgeNuts place to get paid for writing

What is KnowledgeNuts?

This is a site that requires you to compose articles that are little-known or obscure but fascinating and you get paid for each. They call an article “Nut”. Once you summit the article and it is accepted, it is published on the front page for all lovers of KnowledgeNuts to read it. This is really no big deal if you really want to make money. I search their site and some of their articles are:

The Difference between DNA & RNA
What is the Difference between Seals and Sea Lions?
Will Handling a Baby Bird Cause its Mother to reject it?

Based on my observation, they accept articles that is based on Difference between two things and Fact. I guess with this, you will know what they want and how you can compose your article to be selected. But there are terms and condition applied to this site, don’t be afraid because they are not difficult to obey.

Terms and Condition.

According to KnowledgeNuts, the terms and condition includes

1.) You affirm you are the orginal writer of 100% of the text you summit
2.) Affirming you own all rights and copyrights of the text you summit and that it is not published elsewhere.
3.) Agreeing that if we accept your text for publication that you voluntarily transfer all rights and copyrights of the text to KnowledgeNuts.Com

These are their Terms and condition for writers.

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How to get started

This is not like some other site that makes you create an account with them and you have login before you can do anything.

With KnowledgeNuts, you have to fill in

Your name
Email address
Paypal email address,
Title of your article and
The full content of the article. Then you summit and wait for approval.

Method of Payment

Once your article is accepted, you will be paid through your PayPal account the sum of 10$ for each of your article they publish.

If you are a freelance writer, KnowledgeNuts is a legit place to summit an article and get paid. This is a great site that accepts knowledgeable facts.

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