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Keeshpack Income Program Review

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Another Income Program is about to be revealed. Recently there has been lot of Income Programs where you perform a specify task and get paid but Ponzi Scheme has been minimal. This article is about a Ponzi Scheme. Keeshpack Income Program Review will discuss thing about this Program. Is this program going to Crash soon? Find out as you read every line of this article.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not being paid to write this article or am I in any way promotion this article. This just serves as an eye opener to those interested in the Program.

What is Keeshpack Income Program

This is a money making Program otherwise known as Income Program where you invest your money and get it back with Profit in 5days. This is a Ponzi Scheme where participant put a certain amount of money and get back interest in 5days.

Keeshpack Income Program was launched on the 24th of February, 2020. There are lot of competition in this Income Program circle. In a bid to outclassed its competitors with groundbreaking features, Keeshpack Income Program introduced 5-day withdrawal feature which is amazing and mind blowing.

There are lot of information that will be unveiled as you go through this article. Just be careful to read all lines of this piece of writing.
Keeshpack is a money making program that rewards you for sharing daily advert to your Facebook timeline.

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Keeshpack Subscription Plan

There are three subscription plans in this Program that will amaze you. This is not like other Income Program Plans. Below are their Subscription plans

1. KeeshBox

Subscription Price: N3,000
Plan Duration: 5 Days
Daily Earnings: N400
Total Earnings: N5,000

Some persons might be wondering, How is it possible for me to earn N400 daily and get N5,000 in 5day. You will get to know the secret as you continue reading this article.

2. KeeshStar

Subscription Price: N7,000
Plan Duration: 5 Days
Daily Earnings: N1,000
Total Earnings: N12,000

3. KeeshBull

Subscription Price: N15,500
Plan Duration: 5 Days
Daily Earnings: N2,200
Total Earnings: N26,500

Vital Information

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How Keeshpack Income Program Works

This part of the article will be listed to enable easy comprehension. Below are tips on how Keeshpack Income Program Works.

1.) After you sign up as a member, you choose a Plan

2.) The amount you are to receive depends on the Plan you choose.

3.) Once you pay for the plan, in 5days you get back your investment and your Interest. Lets take the First Subscription plan (Keeshbox) for instance. When you invest N3000, you will get another N400 daily for 5days making it N2000 plus your N3000 summing your Income to be N5000.

How To Join Keeshpack Program

1. Visit their website www.keeshpack.xyz

2. Fill the registration details, which includes your mobile number, email and password.

3. Enter your bank details and Facebook profile URL.

4. On the next page, contact one of the coupon code sellers to activate your Keeshpack account to start earning.

Keeshpack Income Program Review – Is this a Threat?

Speaking from my own point of view, Keeshpack Income Program is a Scam or a Threat if it is paying now. There are lot of reasons they have being considered a Threat by me. First and foremost they don’t have CAC registration (although even those with CAC still crash). The location of this Income Program is not known.

How does Keeshpack Income Program generate their Income? This is a Ponzi Scheme that will soon Crash. Users be warned.

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