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KashOutNow Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? | Read before Joining!!!



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Welcome to, the home of authentic Reviews. Have you heard of a platform that promise that with just N1100 you can make more than N50000 per week? This National Lockdown has seen to the emergence of lots Income Platforms. The internet is filled with lots of these programs. But do you know there are some scamming websites? There are also some legit platforms that really pay cash to members. How then can you distinguish a scam from a legit platform? A Review is an article or piece of writing that helps know the authenticity. Have you heard of KashOutNow? If you haven’t, then you are at the right place. After reading this KashOutNow Review or otherwise known as Review, you will tend to know more about this Income Program that just hit the internet few days ago.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

About KashOutNow Platform

They claim to be Nigeria’s No 1 Cashout platform where members can make up to N64000 in 21 days. Kashoutnow is the intermediary between members getting help from one another to grow wealth for all members.

Do you know that with just N1000, this platform promise to help you get N64000 in 2 weeks? I came across this platform from Google AdSense (an advertising company owned by Google).

Members must have to complete the 5 levels on this platform before they can earn from this platform. “Members that have completed level 5 will be required to pay N4000 to kashout”. This information was seen on their platform. Is Kashoutnow Legit?

The Domain name ( was created on the 7th of June 2020. That means as at the time of writing this Review, this Income Program is 1 Month 10 Days old. And judging by this fact, is still a new Income Program because it is not up to 2 months old.

How Does Kashoutnow Work?

The information below was gotten directly from their website and it explains how the platforms works.

1. After Registration on this platform, Refresh your page and you will see the ‘Start’ and ‘Withdraw’ option, click on ‘Start’ to begin.

2. Your request will be processed and you will be requested to send ₦1,000 with another member due for payment in level 1, the member’s details will appear on your pair dashboard (the name, phone number, account number and the bank name).

3. After making the payment, click on ‘Paid’ and upload your genuine proof of payment (screenshot of the debit alert, or the print from the ATM or the receipt from the agent that sent the money).

4. Contact(call or text) the member to confirm your payment. When member receives your payment, he/she will click on the ‘Confirm’ option to ascertain your payment and this will change your account from ₦0 to ₦4,000.

5. After making your first payment and the member you’re paired with has confirmed your payment on his/her page, you will have ₦4,000 balance in your KashOutNow account.
6. Click on the ‘withdraw’ option, the system will process your request within 24hours and you will be paired with 4 members to pay you ₦1,000 EACH, their information will appear on your helper dashboard, contact them and notify them to make payment to you.

7. Click ‘confirm’ for each member after they make payment to you (make sure you receive alert from your bank before confirming their payment).

8. Your account will be automatically move to level 2.

9. Click on ‘Start’ again and you will be paired with another member due for payment in level 2 to pay ₦4,000 and get ₦8,000 in (2days) 2 members will be pair to pay you, this same process is what you apply from level 1 to level 5.

10. Members that have completed level 5 will be required to pay ₦4,000 to KashOut (this payment is for the running of the platform), this payment is a MUST each time you complete level 5.

11. Your account will go back to level 1 where you can start again and no referral is needed.

The information above was gotten directly from the website and it gives a clear information on how this platform works. This is a multi-leveled platform where you are to move from one level to another.

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How to Earn on 247kash

The major way of earning on this platform is to invest and you get merged from level to level. You get N4000 in 24hrs on Level one after investing N1000. Level requires N4000 to get N8000 in 2days.

On Level 3, you are required to pay N8000 and in 3 days, you get N16000. Level 4 gives you N32000 in 6days after you upgrade with N16000. Then finally the last level (Level 5) needs N32000 to enter and you get paid N64000 in 8days. But you have to pay N4000 for maintenance of the system.

Vital Information

If the trumpet sounds today, where will you spend eternity? In Heaven or in Hell? Repent because the Kingdom of God is at Hand. No one can say they have not sinned, for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

Repent today and be saved from eternal damnation. Things happening in the world (Covid-19, protest, riot etc) are all trailer if you are not raptured. Repent!

Are you a Christian already? Keep the fire burning, quench not the Spirit.

KashOutNow Review

This platform does not promise to give you 50% ROI for any of your investment like some other Investment Platforms do. On this platform you start with N1000 from level one. According to information from the platform, it takes about 24hrs to get N4000 from the Platform.

There is a great chance of this platform paying at the moment because it is being advertised by Google Adsense. But don’t trust any platform to last forever.

How to Join – KashOutNow Registration

This is a very simple process on any online money making platform. You have to register with your valid email, phone number and username. You have to pay the sum of N1000 when merged so that you can activate Level 1.

KashOutNow Login

This is one of the simplest task to accomplish. After doing the KashOutNow Registration, for you to login all you have to do is visit the site ( Click on Menu and then on Login.

Red Flags for KashOutNow Investment

If there are lots of Red Flags in a program, the chance of that Income Program being is scam will be too high. discovered somethings that will be tagged as Red Flags and they are shown below. Note that our Opinion might be wrong but it serves as a guide for you.

1. Unknown Owner: The owner of this site is not seen on the site. Someone must be behind this platform but why is he not seen, we don’t know the reason for this but based on my opinion, an Income Program is supposed to include the Owner in the about page.

2. Unknown Address: What if you want to meet the owner of this website physical? There is no address or even office location found on their website.

3. Domain Duration: This is not really a red flag but I felt like including this. This website domain will expire next year -2021 (although it can be renewed if they wish to do it).

Overview of KashOutNow Review

Age: 1 Month 10 days old
Registration Fee: N1000 as a start
Authenticity: No Fraudulent act Report (for now)
Domain Duration: 1 year (up till 2021)

Summary of KashOutNow Review

Do you know all Investment Platforms must crash one day? Their authenticity status of today can’t be the same tomorrow. A platform can be Legit today and crash tomorrow, no one knows. Joining this platform is just like a risky game, it might favour you. But be prepared for anything. Don’t just depend on this article for your findings.

Make some other discovery after reading this article, it can really be of help.

Are you a member of this Income Program already? Drop your thoughts about this Income Program in the comment section below. It will really help an aspirant of this program.

Update: Information reaching us says this platform isn’t what they claim to be. It is advised you don’t join them.

Is KashOutNow Legit?

As at the time of writing this article, there is no report from any member of the platform that this platform is a Scam. Therefore can’t tag it Legit or Scam at the moment. We work we evidence. There are some Income Programs that pay at first but end up being a scam. We hope this does not become like them.

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Is KashOutNow a Scam?

For now, no report or complaint has been heard from anyone about this site. You should bear in mind that nothing lasts forever. Is KashOutNow a Scam? You can help us on the comment section.

You can help improve this KashOutNow Review by dropping a comment below because your comment can be of help to a user of this Platform.



  1. Wumxy

    July 27, 2020 at 7:01 am

    The analysis is just too smooth to be real thanks so much for the information.

  2. Olokesusi Adekunle

    July 25, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    They are real scam and I will post it through social media tomorrow,they are telling me that I will be the one to refer the 4 people that will donate #1000 each to me after I have paid someone #1000 yesterday and they didn’t say anything about refferal I’m there business write up

  3. Charles

    July 23, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    Kashoutnow is pure scam don’t invest in it.. double red flag!

  4. yaro Adura

    July 20, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    kashout is scam, don’t put your money into it

    • Emma

      July 20, 2020 at 1:37 pm

      Thanks for this information…

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