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Karen Faith Biography, Music Career and Song

Karen Faith
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One thing that relaxes the mind is music, not just music but good music. There are lots of talented artist whose music is a blessing to the human mind. Let me tell you a secret, soft music is a food for the mind unlike the fast beat music. In Africa, there are lots of Gospel artists but the one you are about reading is amazing in her way. Have you heard of Karen Faith? If you haven’t, you don’t have to worry because this piece of writing will give you some information about her. Karen Faith Biography and Songs, is an article that you will appreciate because it reveals some things you don’t know about her. Let’s get started.

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Karen Faith Biography

Karen faith is a gospel singer, a recording artiste and song writer. A true worshiper whose ministrations and songs have blessed the lives of many. She’s out with her first hit single Title: “Okemmiri” meaning “A Great River” which is an Igbo name given to God by this great singer.

Faith Onyinyechi Okechukwu (Aka Karen Faith ) a native of IMO State was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria to Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and Patience Okechukwu. Raised as a Christian even as she was born and raised in the Assemblies of God church.
Karen Faith Song

Karen Faith Music Career

Everything started from somewhere. Nothing just pops up like that. As a young girl at age Seven (7) Faith began ministering to the Lord in songs and served in children choir and Youth choir also in a singing group called HARMONY singers.

OKEMMIRI (Igbo) Language Meaning (The great water that paths the way ) is a single song written by Karen Faith Inspired by the Holy Spirit .

Talking about the song Okemmiri, in life there are many obstacles, barriers that prevent people from becoming who they are created to be some of these barriers are physical while some are spiritual. Eg When the children of Israel were on their way to the promised land (Canaan ) they met the Red Sea it was a physical barrier that would have prevented their journey Moses called upon God, immediately God answered him and pathed the red sea with the rod of Moses . When you call upon God in our difficulties he will show up for you. I choose to call him Okemmiri in my local language (Igbo).

Vital Information

Jesus Christ is coming soon to take His people Home (Heaven). Will you be among them? Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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Karen Faith Songs

Karen Faith Biography will not be complete without her song below is her latest released
1.) Okemmiri (Click here to download)

Karen Faith
More songs coming soon, you can’t afford to miss them. Stay tuned

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