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Jobirra Income Program Review

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It’s been long since I wrote any article concerning any Income Program Review. There have been lots of Income Programs coming to Limelight, some turned out to be a Scam while some are Legit. Jobirra Income Program Review is what you will be reading in no time soon, can Jobirra be a Scamming site? Find out as you read. Be careful to read every line of this article because each line conveys a vital Information that will help you know about this Program.

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Disclaimer: Wasplight is not trying to promote this Income Program via this article or am I trying to tarnish their reputation. The aim of this article is to help Lovers of this Jobirra Income Program know about it.

What is Jobirra Income Program?

This is a website that enables members to answer and publish questions and their statistic is Two hundred thousand plus (200,000+) members and is still counting, they have up to 200,000 questions and about 450,000 answers.
Jobirra is a money making website that promised to pay N500 per person you refer and their minimum payout is N12,000. Information read says that Jobirra Income Program is created by a Nigerian called Paul Samson (The owner of the popular scamming NNU Income Program.) If truly Paul Samson is the creator of this Income Program, can this also be a Scam? We will find out with different facts that will be of help.

How does Jobirra Work? – Jobirra Review

In this Program, you don’t have to do anything apart from Reading News, answering and publishing of questions. You don’t have to pay a penny before you enroll in this Program it is a free website. All you need to have is Data to access the Program.

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Lets now move to the most interesting part of this article being their legit or scam Review. You will tend to know if this Jobirra is a Scam with some real facts that will be shared below.

Vital Information

Rapture might happen anytime soon. Are you prepared for it? Repent now while you still can.

Jobirra Income Program Review – Is Jobirra a Scam?

This article seems to be a short one and not those lengthy articles.
Some Nigerians will be happy this is a free website, is there still anything free? When I entered the site, I saw questions and some answers I guess but yet the site doesn’t look like a Forum. From information gotten, this site isn’t paying at all and it is a Scam. Why? How will they make their money when it is free?

The reason the creator of this website created it was to get lot of traffics (audience) therefore adding Google Ads on his site and start getting clicks which will be real cash.

N/B: Don’t be in a hurry to join this Program because your email might be sold to spammers.

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