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Interesting Facts about the Wasp

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Insect are essential for humans because without them life would be difficult. There are some special abilities possessed by some animals that amaze us. Most insect have some abilities that we term Special.

A Wasp is one of them. Funny enough we derived our domain name (Wasplight) from this insect that means it is quite Special to us.
The Wasp is a social insect that aims in pollination. This insect is from the order Hymenoptera, that is it is neither a Bee or an Ant but it’s in-between them.

Facts about the Wasp

English dictionary defines a Wasp as “Any of many types of stinging flying insect resembling a hornet or bee.” Apart from the fact that they help in pollination and also help to eat dead insect, they are also nuisance to human. Do you know there are Facts about the Wasp that is still hidden or unknown to most human beings. Wasps are included in animals with special abilities.

Facts about the Wasp

There are various facts about the Wasp but we are going to pay more attention to the most essential ones. The following are the Facts:

1.) Their Sting wears off in 24 hours

Wasp are social animals which also means they have defense mechanism. They Sting anyone that comes near them or their eggs. When Stung, they leave a venom in your body. wasp venoms are toxic, painful, and effective on human. But the interesting thing is that the venom in their Sting dies off after 24 hours from when bitten.

Although, wasps have little need to sting prey or intruders because they are equipped with powerful mandibles which help them bite.

Note: In some people the Pains from the Sting might not die after a day, because humans immune system varies.

2.) Male dies after mating.

The male Wasp are called drone. They don’t work their only function is to mate with the Queen. The mystery behind their mating is that after they mate with the Queen, they die. How is that possible, what is the reason of that? That is why it is called mystery.

One unique thing about the Wasp is that in their colony, they all have different functions. The drones don’t bridge the works of the workers or queen.

3.) Ability to call for help

This one of the main Facts about the Wasp. When a member of a colony is being disturbed by any thing or a predator, it secrete pheromone that emits a signal when they are upset. This chemical attracts the other members of the colony to help the one being attack.

So when you are in their colony and you are bitten by one, run away or expect more bites. This method of communication is quite strange because they don’t do it orally but chemically.

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4.) They just have two types

They are classified into Social or solitary. The Social build colonies but the Solitary do not. Although this is not a very special ability possessed by this insect. In late summer, the colony by the Social specie of Wasp produces males and new queens.

Wasp is an interesting insect to study but it is also a dangerous animal. This animal feed from the nectar of plant making them a good insect for pollination.

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