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Income Program Review

InsMeApp Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out now!



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The internet is filled with lots of earning platform with various offers. Do you know a review is very vital before joining a platform? Welcome to my InsMeApp Review otherwise known as Review.

InsMeApp Income is gaining popularity and you really need to know about them.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Have you been asking the question; Is InsMeApp Legit? Is InsMeApp a Scam? Then this Review will give you some insight.

What is InsMeApp Income? | InsMe App

InsMe is an Authorized Affiliate Platform of InsHeart in Nigeria. In 2015, with the strong support of IG, dozens of the most popular European and American Internet celebrities has jointly founded InsHeart, an international online interactive community for IG users”.

After the formation, InsHeart is focusing on bringing global IG users together, enhance communications with each other and give the best advice to IG so that they may also continue to improve”.

During October of 2020, InsHeart has opened its platform for the people in Nigeria by appointing InsMe. The member of InsMe can now earn extra income by helping to promote the ads of IG through InsHeart”.

The above statements were found on their website and it gives a nice detail about this platform. This is an Income Program where you do some tasks and get paid. On this platform, IG (Instagram) is the social media mostly used.

Some persons might be interested about the domain creation of this platform and we got you covered. Below is a brief information about their domain creation.

Jacob ad

The domain name ( was created on the 6th of October in 2020 which means as at the time of writing this InsMeApp Review, the platform is 1 month 3 days old.

Judging by domain creation age, this platform can still be considered a new platform because it is not up to 2 months old.

How Does InsMeApp Work? | InsMe App

InsMe has two different business models. This first is that InsMe members can get rewards by just clicking like on the influential marketing contents in IG.

For the second, InsMe aggressively augments promotion of internet celebrities who have talent but are still anonymous due to the lack of network resources.

When you do these tasks you get a reward depending on the package you are in.

InsMe has 9 different packages, one is free, and the other (8) are subscription-based. The bigger the plan, the bigger your earning on this platform.

There are different number of mission or task on the platform, the bigger the plan, the bigger the number of tasks also.

How then can someone the platform or criteria involved to join? Basically, as long as a person is a Nigerian citizen with legal ID cards and bank accounts, they can simply sign up any package offered by InsMe.

At present, InsMe is only open to the Nigerian market, and the member registration is completely free.

The free member account may accept 2 missions daily for 10 consecutive days, and then the member is required to sign up the lowest package with InsMe to continuing obtain InsMe missions.

How to Earn on InsMeApp? | InsMeApp Review

This platform has a commercial agreement with Instagram, 10% of the influential marketing expenses paid by the IG merchants will be allocated to their (InsMe) members as rewards.


InsMe members need only to accept and perform the given missions through InsMe platform to accumulate considerable rewards.

Since there are multiple plans, earning and number of mission on this platform will surely vary.

By signing up for the free membership, one can get up to 2 missions or tasks daily for the next 10 consecutive days after registration. Below is a summary of all the packages;

Free Package

Subscription fee: Free
Mission daily: 2
Validity: 10 days.

First Package

Subscription fee: N1680
Mission daily: 3
Per Pay Mission: N28
Validity: 60 days.

Second Package

Subscription fee: N6888
Mission daily: 5
Per Pay Mission: N69
Validity: 60 days.

Third Package

Subscription fee: N62888
Mission daily: 25
Per Pay Mission: N125
Validity: 60 days.

Fourth Package

Subscription fee: N148888
Mission daily: 38
Per Pay Mission: N195
Validity: 60 days.

Fifth Package

Subscription fee: N298888
Mission daily: 70
Per Pay Mission: N213
Validity: 60 days.

Sixth Package

Subscription fee: N638888
Mission daily: 140
Per Pay Mission: N228
Validity: 60 days.

Seventh Package

Subscription fee: N1488888
Mission daily: 290
Per Pay Mission: N256
Validity: 60 days.

Eighth Package

Subscription fee: N2988888
Mission daily: 580
Per Pay Mission: N258
Validity: 60 days.

Ninth Package

Subscription fee: N6388888
Mission daily: 1238
Per Pay Mission: N283
Validity: 60 days.

As you keep doing your daily task on Instagram, you get paid up till 60 days. You can build your own team by successfully referring members.

As the leader of your personal team, you will be able to get extra Individual Team Reward from the total Mission Reward earned by each member of your personal group.

There are 6 levels of the Individual Team Reward.

The reward is 6% for the 1st level, 5% for the 2nd level, 4% for the 3rd level, 3% for the 4th level, 2% for the 5th level and 1% for the 6th level.

For example, when your 1st level in your team is having 100 people, and the total Mission Reward earned reward is $1,000, then you are eligible to get an Individual Team Reward of $60 per month.

The same calculation goes to the 2nd and 3rd level.

Vital Information

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Christian, keep the fire burning because the days are evil. Live with Eternity in view.

Who is the CEO of

It is uncertain who the CEO of this platform is at the moment and it serves as a Red Flag.

A platform that fails to put the name of the CEO cannot be trusted 100% because you can hold anyone responsible if any happens.

InsMeApp Review | Review

This is an Instagram type of platform which means you most have an account before you can join this platform. You have to be completing some tasks, this may include liking a post or even following some persons.

As at the time of writing this Review, this platform is Legit and paying members, I have personally seen a payment proof from a member of this platform but I can’t say how long the platform will be legit.

You can start up with the free platform and successfully complete the missions and earn. Try to withdraw or you can use the fund to upgrade to the first plan.

After completing a mission, you are expected to screenshot and upload to the platform. Once they see proof of your work, your account will be credited.

Try to invest wisely in all investment platform, put an amount that you won’t feel pained losing.

How to Join – InsMeApp Registration

This is a simple process, by following the steps below, you can be able to register on this platform;

1. Visit their website (
2. Fill the Form
3. Login to your Account
4. Invest by choosing any plan or start up with the Free Plan.
5. Start completing missions.

N/B: is not trying to endorse this platform neither are we trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece is just for informative purpose.

Since we are not affiliating with the platform, we won’t be held responsible for any action by this platform therefore you are advised to invest wisely.

InsMeApp Login

This is one of the simplest tasks to accomplish. After doing the InsMeApp Registration, for you to login all you have to do is visit the site ( Click on Menu and then on Login.

Red Flags for InsMeApp

• No information about the brain behind this platform was seen also. Why will the CEO or owner not known?

• No address found on their platform which means they cannot be contacted physically.

Green Flags for InsMeApp

• They signed up for a 2 years domain name which means they might (conditional statement) stay up to 2 years or more than or even less no one knows.

Overview of InsMeApp Review

Age: 1 Month 3 days
Registration Fee: Various packages (also have a free package)
Authenticity: Legit as at the Time of writing this Review
Domain Duration: Up till 2022

Is InsMeApp Legit?

As at the time of writing this Review, this platform is Legit. You can sign up for the free package for a start to try the platform. If you want to subscribe to any package, try to invest wisely. If you feel this platform.


Is InsMeApp a Scam?

Do you think this platform is a scam? Have you been defrauded by the platform? Make sure to add a comment so that others can see. If you think the platform is suspicious, try and contact us as soon as possible.

You can help improve this InsMeApp Review otherwise known as Review by dropping a comment below so that others can know what you think.

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