How to Increase Brain Retentivity – A Secret for Students

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If you want to find how to increase brain retentivity, then you are at the right place. The human system comprises  of various cells that form tissue, likewise tissues forming organ and organs forming a system. The nervous system is a system that coordinates the activities of muscles, construct and processes data received from the sense. The two parts of the nervous system include: the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (nerves).

This article will focus on the brain which is a component of the central nervous system and how to increase brain retentivity.
The brain which is an organ located in the head serves as the center of nervous system in all animals. This organ is the chief controller of all other organs in the body. The brain acts like the central processing unit of a computer.

The brain have various important parts.

Below are the parts of the brain.
1.) The Medulla: This is the beginning of the spinal cord. It is responsible for involuntary action (Actions we cannot control by ourselves). Example are heart rate, blinking of the eye, knee jerk etc.

2.) The Hypothalamus: This is a small part or region located at the base of the forebrain. It is involve in partially voluntary action such as eating, drinking and release of some hormones

3.) The Thalamus: This plays an important role in regulating how we sleep and wakefulness

4.) The Cerebellum: This is the part of the hindbrain of all vertebrate. The Cerebellum get involved in some cognitive functions such as attention and language

5.) The Pons: The part of  the brain controls voluntary but simple acts such as sleep, swallow, facial expression and posture

6.) The Olfactory Bulb: This is a major part of the brain in many vertebrate.
There are so many parts of the brain and it’s function. The parts of the brain that involve memory are Hippocampus, Amygdala, and Striatum.

Let us  now discuss about memory itself and how to increase brain retentivity.
Memory is the retention of information for a long period of time for the purpose of influencing future action. If we could not remember past events, then language would have not been something easy. The Hippocampus involved declarative learning which is the essence of this article. There are two types of memories which are:
1.) Short term Memory: First of all what is sensory memory? Although this is not of much interest. The sensory memory is responsible for transferring environmental information received from your senses to your brain, it then goes to short term memory.

The brain takes in much information everyday, some of these informations will be stored in the brain for few minutes then forgotten while others will be ingrained for years. You can surely recall what you ate for breakfast, the movie you watched yesterday. All these make up the short term memory or primary memory.

Short term memory is being erased after some days enabling other information to be stored in the brain. But there is a memory also that is responsible to increase retentivity which we call Long Term Memory.

2.) The Long Term Memory:

This memory is stored in the frontal lobe of the brain. Most importantly, this is the memory responsible for retaining of facts, events or experiences that happened weeks, months or even years ago. Sometimes things you don’t want to remember keep on flash in your head. Example The death of a loved one or pet.

This memory is strongly linked to a particular emotion that is why you remember them often. The long term memory can be divided into two which are the declarative memory (memory of facts) and procedural (unconscious memory of skills such as typing).
All students need the declarative memory to answer the question of how to increase brain retentivity. Some people hardly recall what they heard few seconds ago due to some malfunctions in the frontal lobe. There are possible methods that can help solve such problem. Although these methods may not work for all individuals.

How to Increase  Brain Retentivity

1.) Try a brain training game: There was a study by some scientist in which they found out that people who used a computerized cognitive training program for an hour a day, over a period of eight weeks, improved memory and attention. Such games include Word Cookies.

  1. 2.) Keeping blood sugar under control also helps in memory retentivity. Research had showed that brain functioning subtly slows as diabetic blood sugar rises and the blood vessels that supply the brain are damaged.
    3.) Eat your green vegetables: People who don’t take green vegetable such as Spinach, asparagus, lettuce, turnip greens, are at greater risk of developing dementia.
    4.) When you read, recite it loud to make your brain memorize it. This is applicable for students.
    Albert Einstein is someone that made very good use of his brain. In other to do such, you have to step up the gear by making your long term memory so healthy and effective thereby helping you increase brain retentivity. Therefore, students need a long term memory to do the extraordinary because an average student must use 60% of his brain and when he does that, he makes use of the long term memory for retentivity.

Drop your questions or some other good suggestions in the Comment box below to enable some discussions.

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