IBTForum Legit or Scam Review

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Wow, another Income Program has being discovered. Although this Income Program did not just come out, it came out around December last year (2019). There were lot of Income Programs last year, and I did Reviews on some of them, and now you are about to read another Review this is why I tagged this article to be IBTForum Legit or Scam Review or simply IBTForum Income Program Review.

With this article, you are going to have an idea on how IBTForum Income Program works and how to just this program.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way advertising this Income Program. I am just trying to convey some thoughts to readers.

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What is IBTForum Income Program?

This is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direct marketing. Most (if not all) of their revenue are generated by selling of Premium Digital Products (ebooks, graphics, articles. e.t.c). Not just that, they advertise like other advertising companies.

This is a company that wants to help youth, students, middle class etc by sharing their revenue when you become a member, thereby creating an effective means of maximizing the use of Social Media. They claim to help participants (members) earn passive income daily.

How to Earn in IBTForum Income Program – IBTForum Review

This is the major interest for most people reading this article. Making money is right but the love of money is the root of all evil. You can earn money from this Program depends on the type of membership you enroll in.
Below are the types of Membership that is present IBTForum:

Premium Membership:

This is a type of membership where you earn N100 per sponsored post and get 2 – 5 sponsored posts daily. Not just that, you get N1000 as Affiliate/guider bonus.
Fee: N1500 (One Time Premium).

Ultimate Membership:

When you are an Ultimate member there are some cash to earn. You will earn N100 per sponsored post and get 2 – 5 sponsored post daily. Not just that, you will earn N1000 as affiliate/guider bonus and also N1000 for submit post.
One-Time Ultimate Fee = N1,500.

Also, you can make money as an Affiliate as mentioned above. If you refer one person, you are entitled to get N1000 that is if you can refer 15 persons in 3 days or even one day, you will earn N15000.

N/B: Referral is not compulsory but optional to earn. Which means you can earn even without referral.

How to Join IBTForum Income Program

It is really easy to join this program. Just enter www.ibtforum.com then sign up. You just need to answer the following question. The screenshot is below.
IBTForum Income Program Review

How to get Coupon Code

You have to get Coupon Code before you become an active member of IBTForum Income Program. Below is the screenshot of the people you are expected to pay to.
IBTForum Review

N/B: The amount is N1500 and do not pay to anyone that is not in the list of people.

Vital Information

Are you Rapturable? If the trumpet is to sound today can we be caught up in the cloud? This is a deep question that needs an answer within. Run to Christ today, Him alone can save you despite your sins.

How to Withdraw your Earning

Withdrawals can be done on Saturdays only.

N/B: When you make a withdrawal request, your Facebook timeline will be reviewed, and if the Sponsored posts are not there, your withdrawal request might be declined.

IBTForum Legit or Scam Review

From my point of view, this site is not professional. I can’t really say if this Income Program is Legit or Scam, therefore those that want to enroll should be careful not to be duped (I’m not saying they are scammer).

You can help improving this IBTForum Legit or Scam Review by dropping your thoughts below in the comment section.

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