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How to Verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian



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Blogging is something of fun and of interest also. Most bloggers created their website so that they can use it as a source of Income while other created it with the only purpose of sharing contents to readers. The former is the reason 70% of Bloggers worldwide created their site. Google AdSense is a means of getting genuine Revenue as a Blogger and it has been there for years with little or no competitor. Getting accepted to run Ads on your website by Google is a tough process and also, How to get verified by Google AdSense is another big deal.

Due to the high rate of fraudulent acts in Nigeria, most companies including Google hardly trust any individual that puts Nigeria as his/her Nationality. So now the question arises, How to Verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian? This question has been in the heart of most Nigerian Bloggers because it takes almost eternality for you to Receive AdSense Pin from Nigerian. But the good news is that there is an Alternative AdSense Verification as a Nigerian.

Before I go deep into detailed explanation, let me share my story with those that feel they cannot be verified by AdSense since they are from Nigeria. I started blogging in 2018 and getting approved by Google to run Ads on my Site was a big issue, I tried more than thrice submitting request to them but it was rejected and at some point I felt like giving up luckily for me, I was approved. That mail of approval alone made my day.

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Once you reach $10 in your AdSense Account, you will be asked to verify your Identity. To Verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian is a very tedious task if you don’t know the approach to give to it. You are lucky to be reading this Alternative AdSense Verification as a Nigerian because it will really be of help to you.

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Why do I have to verify my AdSense Account as a Nigerian

Being a Publisher that uses Ads displayed by Google, it is mandated you verify your account when it reaches a certain period (when you hit your first $10). You’ll need to verify your identity to receive payments from Google AdSense.

Once you reach $10, Google gives you a notice of Verification and also they give you about 4 weeks so that you can Verify your account once that 4 weeks is completed, the next notice will come.

You’re not showing any ads yet because you need to verify your identity first

Alternative AdSense Verification as a Nigerian

You won’t see any Advertisement on your site once that notice pops up.

How to get verified by Google AdSense

Google just want to know if they are dealing with a Robot or a human that is one of the reasons they made Verification of Google AdSense mandatory. In other countries and also in Nigeria, Publishers are sent a Pin which will be used for Verification but in Nigeria, it takes too long for the Pin to arrive or sometimes, it won’t even come and you will keep Requesting for Pin yet no result.

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What do you do when Pin fails to come? Is there any process that serves as an Alternative AdSense Verification as a Nigerian?
The answer is “Yes, there is”

How to Verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian

Apart from requesting of Pin, there is an Alternative Adsense Verification as a Nigerian.
This is simply submitting of Documents to Google through your AdSense Profile. There are about three documents supported for verification and they are;
• Passport
• Driver’s License
• National Identity Card

To verify the above Documents, all you have to do is listed below

1. Take a Picture of the Document you want to use (from the three documents above)

2. Make sure the address on your Document is the same with the one in your Profile.

3. The picture must be clear with your image and address showing clearly.

4. The format of the image should be in JPG and not PNG

5. Enter your AdSense Profile and click on Payment, then you will see Verify (in Red).

6. Click on the Verify.

7. Upload and submit the captured image.

Note: Google don’t accept National Identification Number Slip (NINS) despite it bearing your Number. They need the plastics ID and not the Slip issues to you.

There are cases when Publishers don’t have Driver’s License, International Passport and since it takes years for you to get your Plastic NIN in Nigeria, you will be left with no other Document for Verification of AdSense as a Nigerian.

I bring to you more good news. The below header will solve your problem.

How to Verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian using Voter’s Card

Although, Voter’s card wasn’t mentioned in the documents listed, but it can still be used as a means of verification. Below are steps

1. Capture the Voter’s card both the front and back just like the image below

2. Make sure the name on your Profile and the name on your Voter’s card matches.

3. Also make sure the address is the same on your Profile and Voter’s card. if not, change the address on your profile to the one on your Voter’s card.

4. Submit the captured image (in JPG format).

How to Verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian using Voter's Card

A fact about Google is that the days it takes to reject your Document is shorter than the days it takes to accept the document. Once you finish the above Process for AdSense Verification as a Nigerian and see the below email, then Congratulation.

How to verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian

In case you don’t understand any of the listed steps, you can drop a comment below or even a question and I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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