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Tips on How to know a Scamming Site – A Sure Guide



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People are desperate to make money online because they know there are platforms that pay online. Do you know since people are trooping online search for a money making platform, scammers are also online? A Scam is known as fraudulent act done by someone but do you know lying to someone about who you aren’t and making them waste their time is also scamming. is a blog that has done lots of Reviews on Income Programs, High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP), App and other online money making platform. These Reviews show some information about this platform and also reveals if the platform is a scam or legit. How can I Check if a site is safe, How to identify fake websites and How to know a scamming site. All these questions will be answered as you continue reading this article.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information that will help you on How to know a scamming site or How to identify fake websites. Any line missed can lead to losing a vital information.

There are things you need to watch out for before joining an online earning platform. Most persons don’t watch out for the Red Flags of a site before joining the platform and sometimes they end up being scammed. You might be wondering what these Red Flags are. Just take a deep breath and continue reading this article because you are about entering the most important part of this article.

What is a Scamming/Fake Website?

A scamming/fake website is an online platform that claims to be legit but behind the scene they are nothing but fake. These sites lie about some information seen on their platform, sometimes address, owners and payment proofs. They are just out there to dupe their victims by getting some cash from them. Some of them want their members to help them (the site) earn but in return they don’t fulfil their promise of paying you for an activity done. Have you been scammed by a site before? Help others by submitting the website domain name to by clicking here.
Some persons might be scamming now, How can I Check if a site is safe? There are somethings you have to check out for before joining a platform. Once these things are not there, that forms a major Red Flag.

A Red Flag is a potential threat, when a website has too much Red Flags, then the chance of that site being a scam will be too high. Below are some websites has tagged a scamming sites

1Dollarstartup – Not fulfilling promises – Based on the Red Flags seen

Sunbiz Forum – Based on users information and experience – Users Experience (this site is V2 of – Users Experience

Jacob ad

How to Know a Scamming Site

Here comes the most vital part of this article. You are not going to know a Scamming site by just mere looking at the site, there some information and Red Flags you have to watch out for when joining an Income Program, HYIP and other earning website. Below are some basic tips;

#1 Missing Pages

Pages in a website gives you information concerning the website. For example About Page, Terms and Condition. Most legit business website, gives a refund policy and that can be found in their Terms and Condition Page. When a site that claims to be reputable has no Terms and Condition Page, this leaves a disadvantage.

#2 Check Domain Age

Some persons might not find this too important but I do, there are some sites that claim to be in the business for 10 years but when you check their domain age, you would see that they are just a month old. Some scammers know that people will be using the internet too often during holiday (like this lockdown), they quickly get a domain name and a hosting and start defrauding people. One thing you should check is domain age in a site is a tool I have been using to track the domain age of a site. All you have to do is provide their URL and boom, you can see.

#3 Watch for Domain Duration

I understand the fact that domain duration can be renewed if you feel like doing so, but why will a reputable or a self-acclaimed big company go for a one year domain? Blogs can go for a one year domain and renew it, but when it comes to large companies, it is a disadvantage if they do so. A company that plans to stay too long will not go for one year domain duration but maybe 5 and above. can also be used to track a domain duration.

But do you know that there are some websites that op for a five (5) years domain duration and end up being a scam? is an example for such sites. Knowing a scamming website don’t just take a Red Flag to decide but lots of some information. Continue reading carefully to find out more information.

#4 When Offer seems too good to be True, Run

This is very important when searching for the authenticity of a site. How will a site promise to give you $30 as Registration Bonus and their registration is free? This is not a charity isn’t it? There are lots of website that offers way too much and trust me, 90% of them end up being a scam. The internet is one of the best places to make money but do you know that hard work is involved?

When a site gives you about 80% discount for a gadget (Play Station), please be careful, and don’t be too fast to order it. Except that it is big company like Amazon and Jumia trying to do a giveaway. Coming to Income Programs, how will an Income Program promise that you can earn as high as N20000 weekly when their registration fee is just N500.

#4 Check Reviews done by Review Bloggers

Before going into an Income Program, you are expected to do some research. Some bloggers try to inform the public of any fraudulent act by a website, sometimes the comment in an article will give you a hint that a website is no longer legit. helps when it comes to that. You can help us show the world a scamming site by visiting our Report a Scam Page. When you find large number of negative review, it is ideal you walk away. If you ask the How can I Check if a site is safe, this can of help.

#5 No Information about Owner

The owner of a site is supposed to be visible for users to see, even if just their name. Someone must be behind all platforms but why are some not seen? Most website hide the names of their owner so that they won’t be apprehended when they have successfully scammed individuals. A website is supposed to be transparent. When you find out the owner of a site, try to make a research also about the owner because it can be of help. Follow the person on Social media if they are present.
How to know a Scamming site

#6 Missing or Fake Address

Like I said, a website is supposed to be transparent, they are required to put an address so that they can be tracked. Some sites go as far putting a fake address. Try to run a Google search if they can be spotted in a map or if that address has been used by any site. I have seen a situation where two different websites bear the same address.

#7 Copied Content

This needs great attention because most scamming sites fall victim to this. About Page gives some Information about the website. Some scammers are just too lazy to type their About Page, they end up copying the About Page of some other sites and edit just the name of their site. Also, when you see an Image in a site (maybe someone that the site claims to have paid) try to screenshot the image, run a scan using Search By Image App to see if that name has been used by a website. Also, some website puts a different image and name, check also if they correspond. This is of help on How to know a scamming site or How to identify fake websites

Vital Information

If the trumpet sounds today, where will you spend eternity? In Heaven or in Hell? Repent because the Kingdom of God is at Hand. No one can say they have not sinned, for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Repent today and be save from eternal damnation. Things happening in the world today (covid-19, protest, rape etc) are just a trailer for what will happen if you are not raptured. Repent!

#8 Watch out for Poor Grammar and Spelling

When a site has too much typo errors, it might mean that went up quickly. Companies that are legit might have some errors but it won’t be too much because they will carefully go through all pages on their site, reading all text. Unlike a scamming site, they just want to get some cash, and end up not going through after typing.

#9 No SSL on Payment Page

When it comes to paying for something online, there should be Https: before the site’s domain name. The “s” stands for security. Once you find a site that don’t bear it, you may be transmitting credit card data over an unsecure internet connection. Any transaction website that operates without this security may be trying to collect your credit card details or may be exposing your details to scammers. Watch out for Https: have a rethink if you don’t see the “s” but Http:.

#10 Use Secure Payment Option

Let me try to wrap up this How to know a scamming site or How to identify fake websites with this important information. If a site demands that you send money through Wire transfer, money order or other insecure form of payments, try to stay away from such. PayPal or Credit Card can be used instead.

Make sure to bookmark this article so that you can go through it next time you want to join a platform. Once you notice a platform falls into more than three of the above mentioned category, it is advised you stay away. When joining any platform, even after you have seen they are legit, try to invest with the smallest amount if it is an Investment platform. I have seen sites that were legit but crashed later.

You can help improve this How can I Check if a site is safe, How to identify fake websites and How to know a scamming site article by dropping a comment below because your comments are essential on

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  1. mary imoh

    July 15, 2020 at 4:35 am

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    July 8, 2020 at 12:48 pm

    Thanks to wasplight for revealing this to web users. Cause this fraudulent activity is too much.

    • Emma

      July 8, 2020 at 1:18 pm

      I’m glad you found it helping…

  3. Andrew Omokape

    July 4, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    Splendid Write-up, well articulated…A very big “thank you” to the writer.
    I have learnt alot from this article, may the writer be greatly rewarded, Amen…
    Please which reliable online earning platform can you recommend to people?

    • Emma

      July 4, 2020 at 1:38 pm

      Hi Andrew

      I’m so happy you love the write-up. Concerning reliable online platform, can you inbox me on WhatsApp? (+2348139617922)

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