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How to get 500mb for 100 on Airtel | Fbook and WhatsApp



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Almost everyone uses the internet, one of the major requirements while using the internet is having data. You can have a smartphone but without data, that smartphone will likely be boring. Some sim cards offer you amazing offer on how to get data for free or at cheap rate. After reading this article, you will know how to activate one amazing offer. Have you been asking the following questions; How Can I get 1gb for 200 on Airtel? How Can I get 1gb for 100 on Airtel? How can I get Airtel 4gb for 1000? This article won’t really focus on those questions but answers on them will be highlighted. Do you know you can get 500mb for N100 on Airtel for Facebook and WhatsApp? I will give details shortly.

How to get 500mb for N100 on Airtel

This data plan cannot be used for other activities like Twitter, Instagram and browsing the internet. The only social media app that permits this offer are Facebook and WhatsApp. This is a legit offer except your sim refuses it because I have seen a sim card that refuse to accept the offer. But you can try the steps below to check if yours will be accepted.

Steps on How to get 500mb for N100 on Airtel

1.) Make sure your Airtel Sim is functioning

2.) Recharge your Sim with at least N100

3.) Dial *141*104#

4.) If accepted, you will see a message “Your N100 Fbook and Whtsapp Monthly Plan has been successfully activated. Valid for 30 day”.
How to get 500mb for 100
5.) You can choose auto-renew bundle if you wish.

6.) Sometimes, you can see messages like “System busy, try later”. After you dial the code. Keep trying until you are accepted.

7.) There are times when you might be “Not Eligible for this plan”. Then you need another Airtel Sim to enjoy this offer.

The above steps can help you get 500mb for N100 on Airtel for Facebook and WhatsApp.

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How to get 1gb for 200 on Airtel

N/B: This plan is supported for only 2G network. You can choose to switch your Smartphone to 2G network. The steps are shown below;

1.) Recharge your Airtel sim with N200 at least.

2.) Dial *482#

3.) Select 1 as an option.

4.) This plan is valid for 10 days

5.) Based on Information seen, this plan is unlimited.

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Some persons might be asking How Can I get 1gb for 100 on Airtel? This plan is a weekend plan, you are to dial *474*1# to activate.

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