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Here Is Why Ethereum Price Could Smash $10,000, And It’s Fast Approaching!



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Ethereum is the second-largest crypto by market capitalization, investors and traders have high expectations of the coin. Consequently, the platform holds the ability to surpass expectations. The ecosystem is undoubtedly the most used platform by NFTs and decentralized applications.

A popular crypto investor and analyst Lark Davis expects the ETH price to hit $10,000 in near future. However, many analysts have similar predictions, yet this analyst presents the prediction with substantial proof.

The Factors Which Will Surge The Ethereum(ETH) Price

There are numerous factors that will influence the coin’s prices to go moonish in the times to come. Substantial sources reveal the data which we have listed below.

  • About 10 million ETH purchases between 3426 and 3536 dollars, now that translates to about 8.5 to 9 percent of the entire supply, which is commendable.
  • Over $1.2 billion worth of Ethereum has left the centralized exchange platforms. Last time when over $1 billion worth of ETH left the centralized exchange, the prices mooned by 60% within 30days. Which indicates where we might be going with the prices.
  • Hodlers are going strong this time, as they are not selling any less than the previous ATH. As they aim for returns of over 5 to 10 times. Data also suggests that 87% of ETH’s supply has not moved on-chain for over 90 days, which means that people are waiting for a leg-up.
  • It is known to the masses that over $1.1 billion of the digital coin is already burnt, but long-term investors seem to bother less as they are aware of the bigger picture. And moreover, as the supply stabilizes, the prices could jack up.
  • The most anticipated ETH layer 2.0 will be taking off, and in order to pay gas fees for ETH layer 2, developers will have to pay in ETH. Expectations of the staking rewards are likely to go 2X with the EVM gas fees.
  • The merge might also result in increased staking, more rewards mean more staking which will impel higher economic security.
    Currently, user rewards are only for staking on ETH 2.0. But the remaining rewards will be distributed once the merge takes place. Which will yield more money for Stakers in ETH 2.0. At present the TVL is around 7.68 million Ethereum on the ETH 2.0 staking contract.

Summing up, Ethereum still holds an optimum presence amongst ALT coins and the industry in general, owing to its massive presence in the creation of NFTs, and decentralized applications.

The Ethereum(ETH) price is $3,467.70, while the trading volume for the past 24-hours is at $18,849,594,639. The prediction of $10k seems reasonable, considering a surge of 3X from the current price. If the situation prevails, we can expect the target to reach probably by year-end or by the first quarter of 2022.


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