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Health Benefits of Eating Fufu



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In Nigeria and Africa at large, there is a food that seems to be too common. Fufu is an example of Food that most Nigerians don’t joke with. This article will do a kind of Review on Fufu. It will answer questions like Health Benefits of Eating Fufu, What Fufu is used for, what’s fufu made out of and most importantly Soups palatable with Fufu.

To some people, this article will look funny but just be calm and read about this Fufu Review you can get a very vital information after reading this piece of writing.

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Health Benefit of Eating Fufu

What is Fufu made out of?

Some people spell it Foofoo, fufuo or even foufou whatever the sleep, it they are thinking the same thing them they are correct. Being a Staple food, Fufu is made out of Cassava just like another common food in Nigeria called Garri.

The Process in making Fufu and Garri are entirely different but the raw material (product) is the same. One traditional way of making fufu is by boiling starchy food crops (Cassava) and then pound them into a dough.

What is Fufu used for?

This is another question asked. Fufu is a meal that cannot not be eaten along but with the help of a Soup for it to go down the throat. Fufu is used as Food in a Nutshell although there might be other uses of this Nigerian meal.
Let’s now go to the real business of this article being Health Benefits of Eating Fufu. Before you read that, can you take your time to reflect on the next header?

Vital Information

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Health Benefits of Eating Fufu

Eating Fufu has a great impact in our health. Although most of the nutrients gotten comes from the type of Soup being used to accompany the fufu but Fufu on its own has some Healthy Nutrient.
Below are highlight of Health Benefits of Eating Fufu

1.) It is kind of heavy and keeps you full for a long time
2.) Cassava being the raw product in the processing of Fufu is rich in Carbohydrate which supplies the body
with energy.
3.) It is very low in Cholesterol
4.) It is rich in Potassium and prescribed to those people with low level of Potassium in their Blood.
5.) Combination with some soup can serve as a Balanced diet.

Fufu Combinations or Soups Eaten with Fufu

1.) Fufu and Egusi Soup:

Egusi soup is also known as melon soup. This is the most popular type of soup eaten
with fufu in Nigeria.

Fufu and Egusi
2.) Fufu and Okro Soup:

Okra is being called Okro in Nigeria. This soups is quite delicious when served with
fufu. Other soups include

Benefit of Eating Fufu
3.) Native Soup and Fufu.

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