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Health Benefits of Eating Efo Riro



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When eating Swallow, the type of soup used in eating it matters a lot. Food is something that helps the body in various ways. After taking good Food, you will notice that your body is now responding to this food in a positive way. One positive thing that happens to your body is that your skin will look fresh and fat. Have you heard of Efo Riro. This is a Nigerian meal, and the name confirms that. Do you know the Health Benefits of Eating Efo Riro? After reading this article, you will know lots of things about this Nigerian meal that is preferred than other soups by some persons.

What is Efo Riro?

This is a Nigerian vegetable soup that is usually eaten by the Yorubas of Western Nigeria. It is a soup that is be made with different types of vegetables. These vegetables include; Bitter Leaf, African Spinach, Water leaf, Scent leaf and also Malabar Spinach.
It is a soup made with lots of Ingredients that makes it Nutritious and yummy. Do you know that after tasting this meal, you might feel like eating it always?

Ingredients for Efo Riro

There are things that make up this soup, the ingredients for Efo Riro are listed below
1. Dry Fish, Stock Fish or both
2. Meat
3. Palm Oil
4. Pepper (tatashe)
5. Onion
6. Seasonings (maggi)
7. Crayfish
8. Salt
9. Vegetable (Bitter Leaf, Water Leaf, Efo Shoko etc)
10. Water
11. Locust Beans

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Health Benefits of Eating Efo Riro

How to Make Efo Riro

There are lots of steps involved in making this soup and it will be listed below. Although I won’t really give comprehensive details here because this article is focused on the Health Benefits of Eating Efo Riro
1. Boil the meat and when it is almost soft, add fish
2. Add your seasoning, some onion
3. In another pot, pour the palm oil and hit it. Put the remaining onion
4. Fry the tatashe pepper to dryness
5. Add Locust beans and crayfish and stir
6. Add your cooked meat and fish
7. Add your vegetable.
8. Serve hot with Semolina, garri or Fufu (see the health benefits of Eating Fufu).

Vital Information

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Health Benefits of Eating Efo Riro

This is the most vital part of this article and I guess that is why you are in this blog reading this article. The swallow taken while taking this soup also matters. below are the Benefits of Eating Efo Riro;
1. Source of Fibre: Due to the presence of vegetable, this is a source of fibre and it helps in digestion and prevents constipation.
2. Contains Calcium: Since there lots of calcium packed up in this soup, it aid in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
3. High Lipid, protein and Carbohydrate: Locust beans, one of the ingredient in making this soup brings these. Therefore after taking this soup, your body will be supplied with energy.
4. Contains Vitamin C and E
5. Source of Iron
6. Individuals that want to watch their weight can also take this meal.
There are other Benefits of Efo Riro that has not being mentioned here. The soup also matters when it come to Nutritional Benefits of Efo Riro.

Swallows taken with Efo Riro

1. Eba (Garri)
2. Fufu
3. Semolina

You can help improve this Health Benefits of Eating Efo Riro by dropping a comment below. You can tell us how it tastes to you.

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