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Globalwealthz Income Program Review

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Racksterly just crash and it was an Income Program that reigned late last year. Now this year different Income Programs have been coming to Limelight and you can’t just tell which of them will crash or not. You need a review in order for you to know much about some Income Program and the possibility of it crashing alone the line. There is a new Program that differs from other Programs that have been trending. Globalwealthz Income Program Review will serve as an eye opener for those that want to get involve in this Program. After reading this article, you will know How Globalwealthz works, How to Earn on Globalwealthz and Globalwealthz Legit or Scam Review.

Disclaimer: This article is not aimed at promoting this program but serves as a guide for those that want to get involve in the program. Wasplight is not in any way promoting this Program.

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What is Globalwealthz

This is a new type or Pattern of making money online unlike Racksterly and TheExoduses. Globalwealthz is a performance driven company that partnered with popular Adverts Network to generate revenues from the traffics that comes to their websites by members who want to make money online without stress. This is a new Program that was launched on the 18th of January, 2020.
This can be mistaken to be an Affiliate Program alone where people bring in their Family members, friends etc. as a means of referral but you can also earn without referring anyone.

How Globalwealthz Program Works

Globalwealthz partners with popular Adverts Network companies, they promote the companies affiliate programs with the help of the users on the program. Definitely, more sales will be made as users are flooding in the program and getting paid for performing necessary activities that will lead to the growth of the platform.

To earn on Globalwealthz, is either you refer new users to the program or spin a game to earn. You can withdraw the money at anytime you like, which means there is no specific time to withdraw your money. This is amazing right? The next header will deal with the question of How to Earn on Globalwealthz Program.

How to Earn on Globalwealthz Program

There are two basic ways to earn in this Income Program and they will be discussed as soon as possible.

Referral System

Globalwealthz has 5 levels of multi level marketing (MLM) matrix referral system which are
1.) Level 1: 40% from downlines
2.) Level 2: 15% from downlines
3.) Level 3: 10% from downlines
4.) Level 4: 5% from downlines
5.) Level 5: 5% from downlines

The above listing looks quite confusing and a good explanation will be preferred. Below is a good explanation to help understand it.

Level 1: When you refer someone (Mr. A), you are to receive 40% which is N800 if they use your referral link and register directly to the Program.
Level 2: This is the second stage of your earning. When Mr. A refers someone else (Mr. B) you will get 15% which is equal to N300. Amazing right?
Level 3: This is the third stage of your earning in Globalwealthz. When Mr. B refers someone else (Mr. C) you are entitled to get 10% which is equal to N200.

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Level 4: Here when Mr. C brings or refer someone (Mr. D) you will get 5% which is N100
Level 5: This is the final stage of referral earning. When Mr. D refers someone, you are getting the same percentage as the Level 4. Which is you are still entitled to get 5% (N100).
In summary, if everyone refers someone, you are getting N1500.
N/B: Tap on your profile icon at the top and click on the REFERRALS option to copy your referrals link.

Daily Spinning

In a day, you are given six (6) slot to spin and you can get N300 or even N400 depending on how lucky you are.

Vital Information

The world is coming to an End, your deeds won’t save you but  faith in Jesus Christ will save you from everlasting punishment.  Surrender to Jesus today because Him alone can save you. 

How to Join Globalwealthz Income Program


Visit their website – www.globalwealthz.com.ng
Enter your Full name, Username, Email and Password
Sign Up
Get a Coupon code to activate your account. Below is an image of Coupon vendors. Globalwealthz Income Program Review
N/B: You are to pay a one time payment of N2000 to activate your account in this Program. There is no renewal after this payment.

How to Withdraw your Earnings – Globalwealthz Income Program Review

After getting your money from this Income Program, the next step is how to withdraw the money. After you have created an account, you have to add your Nigerian Bank Account details for withdrawal and once you want to withdraw just do the following
Tap on the Profile Icon
Enter my Account option
Place your withdrawal.
N/B: Withdrawal and Service maintenance charges now at 5% of every withdrawal.

Globalwealthz Income Program Legit or Scam Review

This is the most important part of the article and so many people must be waiting to read this part of the article.
For now, there is no news of Globalwealthz being a scam. Currently Globalwealthz Income Program is Legit. Wasplight can’t really say if they will be legit forever.

You can help improve Globalwealthz Income Program Review by dropping a comment below. Your comment can help someone.

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