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Freke Umoh Biography, Career, Family and Net worth

Freke Umoh
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“Hallelujah no go finish for my mouth the goodness and mercy dey flow for my live” This is the lyric from a Nigerian Gospel Musician that has gained the likes of people he ministers to through the Grace of God. Music is something that really relaxes the mind. Not just music but good music. There are lots of Nigerian Gospel singers that is really singing songs that relaxes the mind and also some praise songs that get one dancing on their feet. These artists are artists that know there secret place where they meet with God. Have you heard of Freke Umoh? If you haven’t heard of his songs, then this Freke Umoh Biography will disclose some things about him that you will want to know.

Freke Umoh Biography

Some persons might be wondering who is Freke Umoh? He is a Nigerian Gospel artist, song writer. He is not just an artist but he is a popular and experienced Nigerian Musician whose praise Jam can get you stamping your feet against the ground which then can lead to your going for a dance move.

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He is from Akwa Ibom State in Rivers State and holds a degree in estate management from the University of Nsukka Nigeria. This gospel artist is one of bests that Akwa Ibom has produced and there are others too.

Freke Umoh has being in singing since he was a teenager, he started in the choir and now has more than 15 years in the Music industry. This has given he more experience in the world of music.

He has shared stage with lots of great men because of his music and he is one of the invited person for Diocese of Niger Delta North Citywide crusade (a yearly program done by the Anglican Church in that diocese). Not just that, he is being invited to other places to perform his songs and lead in praise.

Vital Information

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Freke Umoh Music Career

This Freke Umoh Biography cannot be completed without this section because he is really known for his role in Nigeria Gospel Music. Like I said, he started music at a teenage age and he is married now and still singing. He started by singing in various church choir group. One of his songs that made him known to many persons is “Hallelujah no go Finish”.
Since his career, he has just released one album “Open Heaven” but he has sang lots of songs and they will be listed soon.

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Freke Umoh Songs

He is known for her music therefore if this is not included in Freke Umoh Biography, this biography would be incomplete. Below are some of her songs.

1. Hallelujah No Go Finish
2. Video My Praise
3. Mungu Wangu
4. The End of This
5. More Than
6. You Are My God
7. Ibaha
8. Abasi Mmi
9. Chukwu Nonso

Freke Umoh Wife and Family

He is married to a Medical doctor and their marriage is blessed with three cute boys.
Freke Umoh Wife
Freke Umoh Family

Freke Umoh Net Worth

Wasplight.com is so sorry to announce to you that most of gospel musicians don’t display their wealth. Therefore it will be difficult to know the exact Net worth of Freke Umoh without estimating. The truth is that he is blessed.

Freke Umoh Pictures

Below are some of her pictures.
Freke Umoh Biography
Freke Umoh

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