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Fortron Smart Contract Review – Scam? Find out!!!



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Ethereum was known all most all Smart Contracts but it seems now Tron is now being used for most of them. Could this mean the Cryptocurrency called Tron will soon sky rock in value? Welcome to my ForTron Smart Contract Review Review.

There are lot of things that will be discovered after reading this article. As at the time of writing this piece, this Smart Contract is yet to launch therefore if you read it too early, be prepared if you can join them.

Since Smart Contracts are now trending, I won’t be surprise to see lots of persons registering after their launch. Do well to read all line of this article to know more about them.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote (endorse) this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

What is ForTron Smart Contract? | Fortron Review

Fortron is a decentralized, self-executing smart contract that is built on Tron blockchain. It is a network marketing project which is fully automated and aims at increasing the price of Tron. (Could this be possible?).

This is an avenue for you to earn some Tron (a cryptocurrency) via two packages. I guess you must have known the way some Smart contracts work where you get some overflow or spillover and where you earn from referral.

Since new contracts keep coming, there are some unique features that come alongside that Smart contract that makes it different from the others. The fee to join this platform is 100 TRX which happens to be one of the cheapest Smart contract because the price of Tron is still low.

Based on information, Fortron Smart Contract will launch on the 8th of September 2020 at about 6:30 am in Nigeria. Which means this contract will be launching Tomorrow as at the time of writing this Review.

How Does Fortron Smart Contract Work?

Fortron has two matrixes like Forsage Smart Contract and Autoxify Smart Contract It is known as FTR 3 and FTR 4. These matrixes has different part to play in gathering some Tron. Below is an explanation of the Matrix.

Fortron FTR 3

This basically work through referral, you earn on this package when you refer people to join the contract. If you referral also bring in some persons and they seem to upgrade, you as a downline you get some percentage.

This package has 12 levels, below shows are payment go;
• Payment goes to your wallet
• Payment goes for reinvestment and the matrix reopens

Fortron FTR 4

The FTR 4 is a global matrix with global spillovers and overflow. This is a place where you earn without referral and you can earn from the person that referred you. Earning here mostly happens when teamwork is in play or when you are doing well in FTR 3 package.

Below are how payments go;
• Payment goes to your upline
• Payment goes to your wallet
• And payment goes for reinvestment and the matrix reopens.

Fortron Smart Contract Review
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How to Earn on Fortron Smart Contract

This is the header I guess you must have been waiting for and some details will be explained here so that you will be guided about the platform.

1. Referral: This is the number 1 way of earning on this platform. You earn some percentage of Tron when you bring someone to the system. Referral and team work is needed to grow your FTR 3 which will in turn help your FTR 4 to receive spillover and overflows.

2. Spillover: This is when you earn from the system when there is excess registration. You earn from people’s upgrades and reinvestment. Upgrading also gives you more chance of earning on the platform through spillover.

3. Overflow: When you have a hard working upline, you can earn from the person. The system automatically reshuffles your upline and you earn from different persons.

How to Join – Fortron Smart Contract Registration

By following the steps below, you can register on this platform.

• Download the Tron Wallet on Mobile or Tronlink on PC.

• Get Tron from Roqqu and Transfer to Tronwallet.

• Deposit at least 110 TRX (registration fee is 100 TRX but gas fee is included).

• Get a Link from your Sponsor (as at the time of writing this, no link is out because the platform is yet to launch).

• Open your Tron wallet, go to Bottem left corner (Tron Browser icon).

• Paste the link in browser and click search.

• When it opens, click on join and check your inviter id.

• Confirm your transaction and you 100 TRX will be deducted from you wallet.

Overview of Fortron Smart Contract Review

Age: Launching on the 8th of September
Registration Fee: 100 TRX
Website: unannounced yet
Authenticity: Legit (Built on Tron Blockchain)
Domain Duration: Up till…

Summary of Fortron Smart Contract Review

I guess you must have been following the article carefully, for you to earn well on this platform, you need to upgrade and referral people. Joining a good team is also a vital way of earning through Spillover.

Is Fortron a Scam might be a question some might be asking but the header below will answer that question with some facts. This platform might not be a scam but there are some limitations.

Is Fortron Legit?

Fortron Smart Contract is not a scamming platform and reasons below will proof that.

10 Reasons why Fortron is not a Scam?

• No Admin involved on the platform
• It is 100% decentralized
• It is built on Tron Blockchain
• It is impossible to hack
• With only one-time Registration fee of 100 TRX with gas fee you can get started.
• Earning on different levels are paid to your Tron wallet by Smart contract
• Earnings can be withdrawn to local bank anytime.
• It is 100% open source smart contract
• Instant Peer-to-Peer payment directly to your wallet
• No withdrawal request required.

Is Fortron a Scam?

Below are some Red flags associated with this platform;

• Referral is compulsory to earn well on the platform.
• Upgrading increases your chance of Spillover which means if you don’t upgrade, you might not receive much Spillover
• Spillover don’t come too easy
• What if Tron depreciates in value.

Fortron Smart Contract Review can be completed by you if you feel there are some information lacking in this article. You can help drop a comment in the comment section below for all to see and read.

Do you trust smart contracts to be one of the ways of earning? Drop your answers below.

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