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Flashing Stars Caller Screen – App Review



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Over the weeks there are so many apps that just joined the list of Apps in Play store. There are some which are so amazing that writing about them is a thing of great joy. Flashing Star Caller Screen is one great app that just arrived on play store and it does cool and amazing features that is the reason i decided to write about ‘Flashing Stars Caller Screen Review’.

Flashing Stars Caller Screen.

Flashing Stars Caller Screen

This is an Application Offered by Momoko Group and was updated on the 26th of April 2019. Flashing Stars Caller Screen App requires an android version of 4.1 and above for it to run smoothly.
Flashing Stars Caller Screen has cool theme background which has Flashing Stars on it. Also, the answer button is unique and dynamic. Customize your phone with Flashing Stars caller screen,can make you different in your friends.

It is a great app just like AIO launcher, Hyperion Launcher and even Endel. You have to add it to your list of apps so that your phone will look so customized and attractive to your Friends and anyone that cone in contact with it.

Flashing Stars Caller Screen Review

Flashing Stars Caller Screen Review is like an assessment of the app. How it works, how people see it and the features it has. Some of the features of this app include:

  1. It has unique avatar design when answering calls
  2. A Fantastic and beautiful theme background you can choose
  3. It has Colorful Caller Screen for incoming calls with amazing dynamic effects
  4. Its Sliding and answering calls is simple and convenient
  5. Most importantly, it is free.

There are other unique things done by this app. About 50,000+ people have downloaded this app, you should be among them. Also, some of them have notified that it is a great app. You can download Flashing Stars Caller Screen for your Android phone by click here.

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