female cultist paid ₦10,000 for killing has been arrested

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Female cultist paid ₦10,000 for killing has been caught. Marian Abiola, despite being a female she became member of a notorious cult group called Eiye Confraternity has been arrested by the police in Lagos State. Despite being a school drop out she later became a cultist.

She made a revelation on her mission and how she received the sum of ₦10,000 for anyone she kills.
Narrating how she was initiated into the cult group, “I ran away from my house in Lafenwa Abeokuta to Lagos, to look for a job. I met one Mr. Sodiq when I got to Lagos. Mr. Sodiq took me to his house at Ilasamaja area of Lagos. He was the one that introduced me to the Eiye cult.”

“Mr. Sodiq took me to a herbalist, who gave me a black substance to eat.  Mr Sodiq also told me that their work was about killing people. He gave me a gun and taught me how to shot. I learnt how to shoot by shooting on the wall. I shot on the wall three times before I learnt how to shoot. Brother Sodiq gave three of us guns and pictures of persons to kill. He trained three of us. Two boys and myself.”

Narrating how they killed their targets, Abiola said, “I have killed four persons. Each time I want to go for the killing, I usually wear a white gown and a white veil (Hijab). Brother Sodiq usually showed us the target’s house. We go to the house at night.

The two boys will scale the fence and open the gate for me. We go straight to the apartment and shoot at the target at close range. None of our targets survived. I killed one guy at Fadeyi area of Lagos. Another one at Hassan area, one at Ajeh area. Each time we killed someone, brother Sodiq would pay me ₦10,000 but he would pay the others ₦20,000 each. I see it as a job I am being paid for that is why I don’t feel bad after keeping anyone ”.
The 20 years old Mariam said she was an armourer and an executioner for the cult group despite being a girl, killing four people between December last year and last week. She is now at police’s custody

It is advised, parent take good care of their ward and also monitor their steps. Because the world is full of evil, despite some home training some kids might still mess up.

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