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Feelapy Income Program Review

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Income Programs cannot just go into extinction. Almost daily, some Nigerians that are good at Programming just come up with a website that tends to pay you when you perform some tasks. The real and big question is ‘Which of them is a Scam? Like I would always say, you can’t predict if an Income Program is Scam or Legit by mere looking. It takes some critical Review to know that. Also, it takes advise from those that have gotten involved in it before. Feelapy Income Program Review will convey some information about this Income Program that just came to Limelight. Is this a Potential threat or a threat already? Find out.

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Disclaimer: Wasplight is not in any way supporting this Program neither am I trying to tarnish their image. This Review serves as an eye opener to those that want to get involved in the Income Program.

What is Feelapy Income Program – www.feelapy.com

I wouldn’t be surprise if I’m to discover the fact that this Program is name from the short sentence “Feel Happy”. Also, I guess this Program wants members to feel happy by offering some amazing offer when you perform some tasks. Feelapy Income Program is one of the fastest growing earning platforms online that was opened or launched on the 6th of March 2020.

This is a Platform that combines social media, shopping, advertising, Income earning activities etc. One of their claims is highlighted below.

Do you believe you can earn ₦100,000 – ₦500,000 online monthly just with ₦1,000? …you don’t right? But it’s very possible and it’s easier than you could think.

How then can you Earn from Feelapy Income Program after knowing some facts about them? The next header will try to convey that information in the simplest way possible for better understanding.

How to Earn from Feelapy Income Program

There are some specific tasks and price attached to them. When you do them, you earn the price attached. Below are some of the Activities you need to get involved in before you start earning.

1. Sponsored Post Sharing: What is Sponsored post sharing? This is simple, just share their post on your social media timeline (mostly facebook). When you share two posts in your timeline for a day, you get N200.

2. Daily Login: Once you login into your membership account, you get the sum of N50. That is, if you login in daily for a month, you get N1500.

3. Referral (Affiliate) Earning: Do you know you can gain money from other people’s registration? This is achieved when you refer them. One you refer someone, and the person decides to become an affiliate, you earn 80%. That is N800. What an offer that is.

4. Subscription Renewal of your Referrals: This is kind of new to me. Once the person you refer renews their subscription, you are to earn N800 again despite the first 80% you earned in their first payment. This sounds great but is looking quite suspicious. That is if I refer 10 persons, I will get N8000 every month if they keep on renewing their subscription?

N/B: Your activity earnings is paid after 15days/2weeks with a minimum of ₦2,000. Also, referral is not a must before you get paid. It just serves as a means in which you earn more.

Vital Information

Jesus Christ is the one that brings salvation to all no one else can do that. Accept Him into your live today and be saved.

How to Join this Program – Feelapy Review

This is a simply process. Just do the under listed things to get registered into this platform

1. Visit www.feelapy.com
2. Click on Register now
3. Fill the form
4. Make payment.

N/B: You are to pay a registration of just N1000 before you become a member of this Program.

Feelapy Income Program Review – Is this a Scam?

Can Feelapy be a Scam? This is something Wasplight cannot give a final verdict on because even if they have scam someone, they have paid another. But based on some discoveries from other Income Programs, it will be paying the first members and then crash when they have gotten lost of members. How can an Income Program pay you that huge amount for just referral? That looks fishy.

Feelapy Income Program major source of Income is not known at the moment. It cannot be through the registration fee because if I tend to refer someone, they get just N200. Except their source of Income is through Google AdSense. But for now, Feelapy Program is paying.

You can read how to Verify Google AdSense as a Nigerian here.

Feel free to help develop this Feelapy Income Program Review by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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