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FairMoney App Review

FairMoney App Review
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Introduction: Many individuals want a medium where they can borrow money or get money because money is a very vital need of man. Although this medium are scarce. The need for money is very high in our everyday life. Nowadays there are lot of places where we can borrow loan from. FairMoney App is a medium of borrowing money. This article will focus on FairMoney App Review. Everything about this App will be discussed here, just read the article carefully.

FairMoney App

About FairMoney App

This App is created by FairMoney. These are people that understand the fact that managing finances on a daily basics can be very challenging. That is the main reason they have created a smooth process which facilitates access to credit via your mobile phone anytime, anywhere for all your needs.

Here you can get an instant loan with Interest rate 15 – 30% and repay it within 1-6 months. FairMoney App was released on October 10th 2017 by FairMoney. Latest update was made on the 26th of August 2019. Some people don’t know this App is popular but it is. It has been downloaded by about 1000000+ people.

Why do you need FairMoney App

This is an App that lets you remain in control of your finances, apply for credit on the go 24/7. Below are some of the Advantages of FairMoney.

1.) You Can Apply for up to ₦150,000. No paperwork, collateral or documents needed.
2.) They provide a credit decision in seconds!
3.) You can Use the money how you want and achieve your goals.
4.) Spread repayments in multiple instalments for more flexibility and ease.
5.) Get rewards such as access to higher amounts of money, discounts or flexible interest rates when repayments are made on time.

How to Sign Up for FairMoney App – FairMoney App Review

Signing up is very simple in this Platform. All you have to do is to download the App, (Click Here to Download) then input your phone number or sign up using Facebook.Then apply and build your loan limit for any financial need with funds directly sent to your bank account via the FairMoney loan app.

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After Signing up, you have to perform the task below.

1.) Answer a few questions and receive a credit decision in seconds. We encrypt the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy.
2.) Money disbursed directly to the bank account you provide us.
3.) If you’re not eligible, please try again in a few weeks.

FairMoney App Review

Rate and Fees in FairMoney

On FairMoney anyone can access between ₦1,500 to ₦150,000 in loan amount. Our repayment periods range between 4 – 24 weeks allowing you to pay back in installments. Monthly interest rates range from 2% – 28%. There are no additional fees for processing your loan or hidden costs associated.

For Example, If you borrow NGN100,000 over 6 months, Interest rate: 13% p.m. (fixed).That is Three repayments of NGN 25,000 you have the Total amount payable NGN150,000
N/B: You can select the duration of your loan but you are expected to pay in full before 180 days after taking the loan.

FairMoney App Review

There are lot of people using this App. Some are complaining about not being able to sign up. While some are praising the App.

Conclusion: FairMoney App Review is what you have to know concerning the App because this app helps you access Loans. I know now you have gotten some knowledge of it.

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