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Essential Foods for Hair growth



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Many individuals want long and curly hair but don’t know how to make that dream a reality. 70% of these individuals are female and most of them don’t have this type of hair because of hereditary (in most cases). Apart from hereditary, age is another factor that makes people lose their hair. But do you know with the Essential Foods for Hair growth, these factors have to succumb to your desire of having a long and curly hair.

Researches are something scientists do that make people wonder. And these researches backed up with experiment are sometimes true. We have undergone some researches and we have try our best to help solve your issue of stunted hair growth with remedy close to you. Sit down and read with all curiosity in between lines.

Essential Foods for Hair growth

1.) Eggs

Essential Foods for Hair growth

Most People already have this in mind, but do you know why eggs are essential for hair growth? I guess after you find out you will increase your intake of this meal.

This is a little meal that does greater things. Eggs contain a very rich Protein far greater that most of other protein source. Protein as a class of food is an essential ingredient for cells in hair production. The work of protein is to build and repair cells in the body. Hairs are cells which need to be built, with the help of protein they will. Egg does not only contain protein but it contains about 13 essential vitamins of which is Biotin which also facilitate hair growth.

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2.) Avocados

This fruit does lot of things but most people don’t know it is among the Essential Foods for Hair growth. It is a delicious and succulent fruit that most people prefer eating with bread. Do you know it contains Vitamin E? According to discovering, vitamin E works hard in hair growth. Also Avocados supplements the body with fatty acid and without fatty acid in the body there might be hair loss. After reading this, I guess you will go ahead and eat at least one Avocado per day.

3.) Meats

Any meat, be it Goat meat, beef, chicken and so on. All these meat are also major source of protein in the body. From our above illustration of what protein does in the body, we know you are already aware of the next line, so let’s skip that. Much intake of meat helps in also. At least take a piece of meat or two in every meal.

Note: If you are aged, please get advised from your Doctor before consuming red meal.

4.) Vegetables

When we say vegetables, we are so much concerned on carrots. Carrot is so much involve in the Essential Foods for Hair growth because it contains Biotin which helps the hair positively. Let’s digress a little, Carrot also help the eyes for better vision. Now you can add much Carrots to your salad, rice and other favorable meal.

5.) Sweet Potatoes

As the name implies “Sweet”. This is also sweet in hair growth. Sweet Potatoes contain beta-carotene which is then converted to Vitamin A in the body. The function of these vitamin is also for hair growth. Because the quantity of Vitamin A this beta-carotene produce is very much, it is good to take sweet potatoes than taking other Vitamin A supplements.

6.) Seeds

Most eatable seeds are rich in Vitamin E and Zinc. And all these minerals help in hair growth. Example of such seeds are sunflower seeds. The nutrients from these seeds also prevent hair loss in most cases

7.) Fishes

Most fishes are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and are very rich source of protein. For long, people prefer eating fish but might not know that it helps in hair growth. With the Fatty acid fishes possess, hair dryness can cease.

8.) Sea Foods

Because of their rich possession of Zinc, they are also very essential for long and curly hair. Zinc helps prevent hair loss and can also promote hair loss. Too much Zinc in the body also promote hair loss that is why it is better to get the nutrient from Sea foods such as Oysters and the rest of them.

The above listed are the Essential Foods for Hair growth that can help fight against your hair loss or stunted growth. You can try all these regularly and notice a huge difference, why not give them a try.


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