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Electronics4all Income Program Review

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Another Income Program is out again. Does it pay? Over the years, various Income Programs come to limelight, among such are Racksterly, Mulabux and the recent ones are Blog24 and Globalwealthz. All these Income Programs had a goal and objectives. Some of them ended up being a Scam while some remained Legit. Now Electronics4all Income Program has come to Limelight. Can this Program be a Scam? Is it Legit? Electronics4all Income Program Review will see to answer these questions.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not being paid to write this review or am I in any way Promoting this Program. This Review Serves as an eye opener to those that want to get involved in the Program.

Be Careful to read all the information here because each line conveys an important information that cannot be ignored.

About Electronics4all Income Program – Electronics4all.com.ng

This is an online electronics platform that pays you to share her electronics products on social media (mostly using your Facebook just like Racksterly). This Income Program is owned and powered by Emiy electronics limited whose Head office is located at Enugu, Abakaliki Express road Emene in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Like I said earlier, all those Income Program had Objectives and Mission. Same thing with Electronics4all Income Program. Their Mission is just simple. The below statement is their mission.

Our mission is to give everyone the power to grow their finances and change the outlook of “earning online ” in Nigeria And West Africa at large.

There are lot of things that will be revealed as you read this write up. To understand this Program very well, try to read my write up on Racksterly Income Program Review or Mulabux Income Program Review. These two articles are similar with the one you are reading now.

How Electronics4all Income Program Works

It is no longer a new information that this is an Income Program that helps you earn Income through using your Facebook Account to advertise their Program.
Once you become a member of this Program, you sign up for their Subscription plan ( this will be discussed comprehensively later in this article) your earning when you share their post depends on this Subscription plan. Let me try to make it easier for quick understanding.

1. First and foremost you sign up
as a member.

2. Once you are a member, you
subscribe to a Plan.

3. You start sharing adverts to
your Facebook Page

4. At the end of the month, you
earn a certain amount of money
depending on that your
Subscription Plan.

N/B: You don’t have to refer someone as a Criteria before you earn. Although referring someone is an Advantage because you get N2000 (This is for the Biggest Subscription plan) for each person you refer.

Electronics4all Subscription Plans – Electronics4all Review

The amount you earn on this Income Program depends on your Plan. There are four Plans that are available and members are advised to choose from any of them. Each of this Plan runs for 30days (a month) before it expires and you will be advised to enroll for another plan or renew that other plan. Below are the Four (4) Plans in Electronics4all Income Program.

1.) Novice Plan

This is the least of all plans where you invest a little and earn almost a little. Being the First Plan in this Program, there are some information about it that will be shared.
• Subscription: $3 (N1,000)
• Daily Advert Earning: $0.3
• Monthly Advert Earning: N3000
• Referral Bonus: $0.7 (N250).

This means if you refer 10 persons while you use this plan, you are entitled to get N2500. Lets move over to the next plan

2.) Amateur Plan

This is the second plan and it is quite higher than the First Plan (Novice Plan). Below is a summary of how it works in this plan.

• Subscription: $6 (N2000)
• Daily Advert Earning $0.6 (N200)
• Monthly Advert Earning: N6000
• Referral Bonus: $1.5 (N500)

The Referral here gives you N500 for each person you refer. Imagine bringing 10 persons and you will get N5000.

3.) Master Plan

Let’s just go straight to the point for this plan.
• Subscription: $15 (N5000)
• Daily Advert Earning: $1.5
• Monthly Advert Earning: N15000
• Referral Bonus: $3 (N1000)

4.) Professional Plan

This is the highest of all the plans and you earn higher here than the others.

• Subscription: $30 (N10,000)
• Daily Advent Earning: $3 (N1000)
• Monthly Advert Earning: N30,000
• Referral Bonus: $6 (N2,000)

As a member, you are expected to choose any of the above plans and you start earning. You choose a plan that will suit you.

Vital Information

With the level of Knowledge in the world today, it is obvious that the World is coming to an end. The Bible said in the last days there shall be increased in Wisdom. Are you ready for Christ second coming? Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

How to Join Electronics4all Income Program

Like I will always say, joining this kind of Program is so easy. In some seconds you are done with the registration. Below are steps to join the Program

1. Visit www.electronics4all.com.ng
2. Tap on Signup
3. Fill the Registration details
and your Bank Account details.
4. Choose a Plan (Subscription
Plan) and enter Plan amount
5. Proceed to make payment using
Bank Transfer method
6. You will see the Bank details of
an agent. Pay to him.
7. After paying, confirm your
payment by sending him via Text
message your payment method. He
will be the one to activate your
Congrats, you can now start sharing daily advert to your social media platform once you finish the above steps.

Electronics4all Income Program Review

This is the most important part of this article. There are lot of Income Programs that came to Limelight but ended up being a Scam. Although not all Income Programs are Scam. How do you know if an Income Program is Scam or not? A Review will guide you on this task.

Electronics4all Income Program happens to be legit for now. I can’t really tell what will happen in the Future. The reason because since it is not up to 1 month old, there will be a high chance of it being Legit so that People can testify.

N/B: I am not trying to Promote the Program but writes this article to enlighten those that want to get involved in the Program.

You can help Wasplight develop this Electronics4now Income Program Review by dropping a comment below to help others. You can also share this post.

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  • If truly it legend since last week that I did registration and share advert once. I can’t login to the site again. I really find it difficult, please dey should do something about it o, because I give them name and report the site, 2k no be small money. Thank you

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