Edailypay Income Program Review

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Another Income Program has come to limelight although it has been there since. The reason I decided to write about this Income Program is due to the information gotten from a friend. Edailypay Income Program Review is an article you should read before joining this Program. Is edailypay.com.ng a Scam? Is it Legit? Find out as you read this article.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not in any way promoting this program or supporting the program but I want to help readers gain rightful information on edailypay Income Program.

What is Edailypay? Edailypay.com.ng Review

This is like other Income Program like Globalwealthz and Blog24 where you do some activities to earn. This is like a money making program where you can earn monthly. The more you work, the more you earn. Is edailypay a Scam? Find out as you read more. Be careful to read all lines of this article. Below is a statement from them.

Making 10,000-50,000 monthly on Daily Pay Income Program (DIP) is 100% sure and guaranteed if you join us today. Understand the concept and take fast action. With a one-time payment of only #1,500, a lot of Nigerians have been earning #50,000-#100,000 monthly on Daily Pay Income Program (DIP).

How to Earn on Edailypay – Edailypay Review

Earning on this Program is stated below

1. Welcome Bonus: This is a general earning for every member of edailypay. Here you are give N200 as Welcome bonus.

2. Daily Log In: For everyday you come online, you get the sum of N60.

3. Post View (5 Naira Per Post)

4. Comment (2 Naira Per Post)

5. News Post (200 Naira Per Post)

6. Referral Bonus: This is the biggest way to earn. For each person you refer, you get the sum of N800 which means if you refer 10 persons then N8000 will be yours.

Vital Information

Most Christians know the Coming of Christ is soon but they fail to Prepare for His Coming. Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back as a Judge and no longer a Saviour.  Repent and Self Examine your Life so that you won’t miss His coming.

How to Join Edailypay Income Program

The website is very easy to use, it is just like Nairaland Website. All you have to click is Create Account then fill the form.

N/B: You are to pay the sum of N1500 as Registration Fee.

Edailypay Income Program Review

This is a vital part of this article and should be read carefully. There is a trend about some of this Income Program which is, they tend to pay but once it goes viral, their payment may likely stop.

Concerning Edailypay Income Program, according to an information gotten from my source, This Income Program is a Scam. They have refuse to pay him after he has completed his task.

Caution: Be mindful before joining this Program. I don’t really trust them.

N/B: I’m not trying to tarnish their image but I just have to speak the truth.

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  1. This income program na scammmm ohhhh, scammmm ohhhh, scammmm obonge 419….. I don talk my own. Nigerians be guided.

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