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Drinks that cause cancer



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The world today is filled with so much illness, most of this illness are so dangerous if not prevented or treated while in its nursery stage. Cancer being one of the world most deadly disease kills about 8.9 million people per year. But in this article we won’t say much about Cancer but Breast Cancer.
Breast Cancer is not a new thing to talk about. Because we all know what it is. Nevertheless let us still define it.

Breast Cancer is the growth of harmful cell in the mammalian gland, that occurs in both males and females but likely in females.

What causes Breast Cancer? Drinks that cause cancer are not far from our refrigerator.
You are what you eat, likewise you are what you drink. There are things we drink that causes Breast Cancer but we don’t know they do. Some women keep on drinking these liquids little do they know that it is increasing the chance of them having Breast Cancer.
Such drinks are not far from what you know. Drinks that cause cancer include:

1.) Alcohol

You were expecting this to be among the drinks aren’t you? Taking Alcohol is one vital causes of Breast Cancer because when the body metabolizes alcohol, it produces acetaldehyde, a chemical compound that may damage DNA, which may lead to cancer.

Alcohol causes Breast Cancer even faster than you can imagine. It is recommended that women should take a glass of alcohol in a day, while men can  take up to two.
Although, people believe that red wine contains the plant antioxidant resveratrol which prevents Cancer but that’s not true. Women should abstain from Alcohol because it causes Breast Cancer.

2.) Very hot beverages

When we mean very hot beverages, it means above 60 degree Celsius. The sweetener in this drink can produce lot of calories. These calories leads to obesity (which is one major cause of cancer). It has been discovered that obese individuals suffer a lot from cancer.
Also, taking drinks that have so much sugar content may contribute to cancer because you might get obese because sugar contains carbohydrate.
There are other Drinks that cause cancer (including Breast cancer) but we have just listed few.

Since all these drinks contributes to breast Cancer, it is advised you keep off from them. Nevertheless, if you want to consume them, make sure not in a large quantity.
Please stay safe, stay healthy and live long. Your health is your wealth.

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