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Dineroshare Income Program Review

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What are Income Programs? These are Programs that are often online where members enroll and perform a specific task before they get paid. These Income Programs have been helping Nigerians and even Africans. But do you know some of them don’t help but defraud members? There has been Income Programs coming up to the surface and to some extend it has become a trend that most of them are SCAM. Dineroshare Income Program Review will give some information on this Income Program and you will know to some extent if it is Scam or Legit.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not being paid to write this article or am I in any way Promoting the article. This Review just serves as an eye opener to those that want to learn and get involved in Dineroshare Income Program.
Dineroshare Income Program Review

What is Dineroshare Income Program? – www.dineroshare.com

As I said earlier, Income Programs are Programs that gives you a task to perform and you are being paid to perform those tasks. Below is a statement from them.

Dineroshare is an affiliated marketing platform that is bend to help all citizen that is willing to Join and to make passive income. Dineroshare will monetize your Facebook account and you earn passively, Referral is not Compulsory. But if you tell your friends and family you get 5% once they Register and we are using $1 which is equivalent to N360.

In a nutshell, this is a Program like Electronics4all Income Program where you make use or your Facebook account as a place to advertise Product and get paid. Although the amount you get paid depends on your subscription plan. That is to say, the Higher your plan, the higher your payment. The next header will talk about their Subscription Plans.

Dineroshare Subscription Plans – Dineroshare Review

There are Four (4) Packages or Subscription plan in this Income Program. They are

1.) Small Pack

β€’ Subscription fee: $15 (N5,400)
β€’ Daily Income: $1 (N360)
β€’ Monthly Income: $30 (N10800).
In this first plan, you are to pay $15 and stand a chance to earn $30 in a month.

2.) Starter Pack

β€’ Subscription fee: $25 (N9,000)
β€’ Daily Income: $1.6 (N576)
β€’ Monthly Income: $48 (N17280)
This is the second plan where you invest or start up with $25 to earn $48 in a month. This earning depends on how you take your task serious. If you fail to post an advert, no Income will be given to you for that day.

3.) Master Pack

β€’ Subscription fee: $45 (N16,200)
β€’ Daily Income: $3 (N1080)
β€’ Monthly Income $90 (N32,400)
This Pack does not need explanation because you already know how it works now.

4.) Super Pack

β€’ Subscription fee: $75 (N27,000)
β€’ Daily Income: $5 (N1,800)
β€’ Monthly Income: $150 (N54,000)
As I said, the higher your Subscription Plan, the higher your Income.

Vital Information

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How to Earn on Dineroshare Income Program

Earning here is quite easy. Once you join the Program and choose any of the subscription plans that has been stated above, you will start earning.
To understand how this Program works, Read up my comprehensive article on Racksterly Income Program. I have also written about some other Income Programs, you can read them up.

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How to Join Dineroshare Income Program

I will try to number the steps you need to accomplish before you become a member.

1.) Visit www.dineroshare.com
2.) Click on Register
3.) Fill the form shown
4.) Choose a subscription plan
5.) Start sharing the adverts on your Facebook timeline.
The steps are easy right? You can see an image of the form below.
Dineroshare Review

N/B: You can buy coupon code from their agent by calling this number 08038747806

Dineroshare Income Program Review – Is this a Scam?

This is the most essential part of the article. Lot of persons will be asking the question if Dineroshare is a Scam? The truth is that you can’t really tell for now if this Income Program is Legit or Scam. But due to the fact that this Program is still new, it will be paying at least.

N/B: When an Income Program is populated by members, they crash along the line.
Dineroshare Income Program for now would be Legit. Let’s see in the nearby future.

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