Difference and Similarities between Racksterly and Mulabux

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This is going to be a quick review or I will say a quick article for readers. Two major program have surface in the internet and users find them similar. Racksterly Income Program and Mulabux Income Program are the two major Income Programs that share things in common. As the end of this article you will know the Difference Between Racksterly and Mulabux Income Program and also the Similarities Between Racksterly and Mulabux Income Program.

I believe you have Read my article on these two Income Programs, if you haven’t I will help to do a brief description on these Programs.

About Racksterly Income Program

This is an advertisement Program where members sign up and start dropping Ads in their Facebook page and get a daily income. There are four (4) subscriptions in this Program.

1.) Dew: Where you pay $18 in a month and get paid $1.2 daily in 30 days summing up to be $36

2.) Drizzle: Here you pay $25 and earn $1.8 daily for 30 days summing up to be $54

3.) Storm: The third Subscription where you pay $45 and earn $3.5 daily for a month summing to $105

4.) Typhoon: The last subscription being this. Here you pay the sum of $75 in a month and get 5.6 daily for 30 days making your grand income to be $168.
Racksterly Income Program

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Racksterly don’t need referral for you to start earning from the Program. Let me quick do a Brief description on Mulabux Income Program so that I can do the Similarities and Difference between the two.

About Mulabux Income Program

Mulabux Income Program is a Program in Nigeria that allows users or members make money through sharing of merchant adverts to their Facebook Timeline just like Racksterly. You should really read my Racksterly Review so that you will know more about this Program. There are three (3) types of Subscription in this program, they are:

1.) Starter Pack: Where you pay the sum of $6 (About N2160). It is a monthly plan where your income is $0.5 (about 180) per day.

2.) Value: You pay the sum of $15 (about N5400) in 30 days and get $1 (about N360) every day. With $1 daily, you will get $30 (about N10800) in a month.

3.) Deluxe: You are to pay the sum of $25 (about N9000) in a month (30 days) and you will earn $1.75 daily which is about N18900 in a month.
Mulabux Review

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Now for the business of today. Let’s take a break for some time.

Vital Part

Have you given your life to Christ? The world is beyond making money, Christ is our all and all. If you are not born again or you are not sure, please and please see your Pastor. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at Hand. You can also message me on WhatsApp (+2348139617922).

Difference Between Racksterly and Mulabux

Racksterly Income ProgramMulabux Income Program
This is quite OldJust came to existence in December 2019
Has Four Subscription PlanHas Three Subscription Plan
Subscription Plans are expensive Subscription Plans are inexpensive
Income is highquick Low income due to low subsription plan
Legit Program (for now)Not confirmed if Legit or Not
Referring 10 persons gives you $45= 16267.561 NGNReferring 10 person gives you $10= 3615.014 NGN
Doesn't need tagging of friends when sharing Ads in your Timeline Demands tagging of Friends when sharing Ads

Similarities Between Racksterly and Mulabux Income Program

1.) They are both Income Program

2.) They make use of Facebook for Advertisement placement

3.) Two of them give you up to double of your investment.

4.) All Nigerian Programs

You can help develop this Difference and Similarities Between Racksterly and Mulabux Income Program by commenting Below.

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