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Coinrocket Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out now!!!



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Can this platform be the best place to refill your wallet and being the easiest place to invest as claimed? Welcome to my authentic Coinrocket Review otherwise known as Review. This will unveil some Red and Green Flags on the platform.

There are lots of platforms are in the form of High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP). Reading a review will unlock some things you should know about them.

Try not to skip any line of this article because they all convey vital information. You might miss a needed information when you skip a line. Let’s get started with the Review.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Have you been asking the question; Is Coinrocket Legit? Is Coinrocket a Scam? Then this Review will give you some insight.

What is Coinrocket Trading and Investment Management LTD Investment project is a product of careful preparation and fruitful work of experts in the field of mining, highly profitable trade in cryptocurrencies and online marketing”.

The above information was seen on their platform and it gives some details about this platform. This is an Investment Program that promise to give you some ROI in hours. Yeah, you read it right, some hours is the duration for ROI.

This platform has their own features which differentiate them from other platforms. They claim that your deposit is working on an ongoing basis and makes profit every 24 hours with the ability to withdraw the profit. Your deposit is for life and irretrievable.

Coinrocket Trading can also be tagged an HYIP site because they work in the same similitude. Let’s see their domain creation details.

The domain name ( was purchased on the 12th of August in 2020 which means as at the time of writing this Review, the platform is 2 months 12 days old. It can’t be tagged a new platform because it has been there for more than 2 months.

How Does Coinrocket Trading Work?

This is an Investment platform that trade with your capital and give you gain some hours or days. You get some ROI or profit in this stipulated time.

There are four Investment package on this platform and investors are to choose one of them and start earning as claimed.

They claim to have more than 2500 specialist as staff and 8 years of working experience in real estate market. Could this be true or a statement to help cajole members?

Earning money from Bitcoin has taken various forms since the world’s top digital currency became more popular. Lots of people want to have this currency because of the increase overtime.

Let’s now see how to earn on this platform which will introduce the Investment Packages and prices attached to them.

How to Earn on Coinrocket Investment

As mentioned above, there are four packages on this platform and they will be shown below;

Starter Plan

ROI: 20% + Capital after 24hrs
Minimum Investment: $50
Maximum Investment: $300
Referral Bonus: 3%

Premium Plan

ROI: 50% daily returns + Capital after 24hrs
Minimum Investment: $400
Maximum Investment: $1500
Referral Bonus: 10%

Gold Plan

ROI: 70% daily returns + Capital after 2 days
Minimum Investment: $2000
Maximum Investment: $10000
Referral Bonus: 15%

Unlimited Plan

ROI: 100% daily returns + Capital after 2 days
Minimum Investment: $10000
Maximum Investment: $1000000
Referral Bonus: 20%

Vital Information

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Who is the CEO of

It is uncertain who the CEO of this platform is at the moment and it serves as a Red Flag. A platform that fails to put the name of the CEO cannot be trusted 100% because you can hold anyone responsible if any happens.

Coinrocket Review | Review

As at the time of writing this Review, there is an information on their site that says that this platform has been running for 682 days which means they claim to have started since December 13th 2018. I feel this information is false.

Based on information retrieved from, this platform bought their domain in August 2020. Some platforms can falsify a founding date so that people will say they have lasted for long.

We are not trying to endorse this platform neither are we trying to tarnish their online reputation. This Review is a neutral one that will unveil some things about the platform.

The earnings on this platform looks kind of enticing and too big. Getting 20% in 24hrs looks too big. One thing that makes some platforms crash is because of big offers, they might not be able to continue with their promise. apologizes for not being able to say if this platform is Legit or Scam at the moment. But you can help with any information you know about the platform in the comment section below.

How to Join – Coinrocket Registration

This is a simple process, all you have to do is visit their website (, fill the form for registration, make a deposit with any of their payment method and lastly invest.

N/B: is not trying to endorse this platform neither are we trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece is just for informative purpose.

Since we are not affiliating with the platform, we won’t be held responsible for any action by this platform therefore you are advised to invest wisely.

Coinrocket Login

If you can recall your Login Information then this is no problem, all you do is visit their website also and input your information.

Red Flags for Coinrocket Investment

  • Domain Duration for this platform is up till August 2021. Why will a platform that want to stay too long go for a one year domain name? Domain name can also be renewed also.
  • No information about the brain behind this platform was seen also. Why will the CEO or owner not known?
  • Founding date seen on their platform is false based on information gotten about their domain creation.

Green Flags for Coinrocket

  • Cryptocurrency is another nice way to invest because they price can go up with time.

Overview of Coinrocket Review

Age: 2 Months 12 Days old
Registration Fee: $50 minimum Investment
Authenticity: Unverified if Legit or Scam at the Moment
Domain Duration: Up till 2021

Is Coinrocket Legit?

As at the time of writing this Review, it hasn’t been confirmed if this platform is Legit or Scam. The reason for this is because the platform just started therefore it will be difficult to judge. Do you know if they are Legit at the moment? Drop a comment now.


Is Coinrocket a Scam?

Do you think this platform is a scam? Have you been defrauded by the platform? Make sure to add a comment so that others can see. If you think the platform is suspicious, try and contact us as soon as possible.

You can help improve this Coinrocket Review otherwise known as Review by dropping a comment below so that others can know what you think.

Tell us what you know about the platform in the comment section below.

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