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Cashzine App Review 2020 – Still Legit? Find out!!!



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Welcome to where lots of Reviews are done on earning platforms and other subjects. Do you know that Reviews help you to know the authenticity of a website? Have you heard of CashZine? After reading this CashZine Review or CashZine App Review, you will get lots of information.

Try not to skip any line of this article because all lines convey information that is needed for understanding of the platform. Let’s get started with the Review then.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Is CashZine Legit? Is CashZine a Scam? Find out some thoughts as you read.

About Cashzine – Cashzine APP

Cashzine is a lifestyle app that generates daily buzz to engage with friends. Entertainment gossip, life tricks, etc. Thorough the big data and AI technology, all topics are highly matched with you guys’ preference, obtain a high-quality topic for both of you to delight life”.

The above information was gotten from the creators of this platform. it gives a brief description on what this platform is all about.

Cashzine is an App where you get yourself involved in reading some contents and doing some other stuffs. Do you know they claim that you get some reward after doing these tasks. Could this be Legit? Read this Review carefully to see what people are saying about the platform.

The App (Cashzine) was released long ago but to our surprise, on Play Store it is shown Released on Aug 12 2020 and offered by Points Culture. Do you know the App already has over 10,000,000 downloads.


How Does CashZine Works?

This is a platform where you read news from various source around the world. They claim to entertain you and also pay you for being entertained. But the question is, are they really paying members as claimed? Find out as you keep reading. By reading news and referring friends, you are accumulating coins which can then be withdrawn using Paypal, e-wallet etc.

How to Earn on CashZine App

You get some reward for reading news and bringing friends. All the in-app coins you get, reach to a certain amount, can be withdrawn every day for cash through PayPal, GCash, Dana, and other e-wallets or personal accounts.

CashZine Philippines – CashZine Review Philippines

CashZine Philippine is a header that shows that citizen of this country can also use the App. It has been observed (might be a wrong observation also) that Philippines use the App a lot. When you try to use multiple account on this App, you can get banned.

Cashzine Reviews – Cashzine App Reviews

There are some comments from users of this App and they will be shown below for all to see (note that these Reviews aren’t tarnishing their reputation or promoting them).

App is slow now, I can’t get my video bonus points. It says that I’ve ran out of video bonuses. I’ve tried to click the button many times a day but it always says ran out. Also, sometimes when I read, I sometimes don’t get coins and it says that the server failed. Please fix the app, thank you!”.

“This App was good to earn money. But the suggestion payment was too high you need to have 40000 coins to pay for it so you need to earn more than that. Also it was really disappointing that the promising points for the extra activities like game installation was not true. You end up playing it yet nothing to receive. I suggest to high the point while reading articles it gonna be a huge help for users. Or maybe make a lower withdrawal fee”.

“The app is great I love it! Very easy to collect coins to hazzles! You just simply tap an article and it start counting down by sliding a finger slowly up and down on your screen even without givibg much attention on the article you read and you get coins quick in seconds… that’s it! Join the fun NOW and collect coins withdraw your money as easy as ABC!”.

Vital Information

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How to Join – Cashzine Registration

This is a simple process, just download the App from play store, and provide information to the form. There is no information people paying for registration which means registration might be free on this App.

Cashzine Login

This is another simple process, all you have to do is launch the App and provide your correct login details.

Cashzine Review 2020

Based on reviews gotten by members of this platform, there is no comment like this platform is a scam. It has been noticed that their support are amazing because they tend to give a solution to some critical comments.

This is not an Investment platform but it is a platform for entertainment, you can choose to use the App aside making money on it.
Do you know the platform? Drop a comment for others to see.


Is Cashzine Legit?

As at the time of writing this Review, there is no information of this App being a Scam which means they are still legit. Do you feel otherwise? Drop a comment.

Is Cashzine a Scam?

Have you been scammed or defrauded by this platform? Drop a comment below for others to see so that they won’t fall victim to the platform.

You can help improve this Cashzine Review otherwise known as Cashzine App Review by dropping a comment below.

Do you love this APP? Are there things you need to say about the App? Drop a comment for deliberation…

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