Blog24 Income Program Review

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Do you know you can make money online through many ways? You can make online writing online and now you can make money through reading online and also doing some activities. Income Program is a medium that pays you after you perform a given task or do some activities. In Nigeria and in some Africa countries Income Program is the method of making money online. Do you know some of this Income Program are a Scam? Reading Reviews about these Programs will help you in dealing with them. Blog24 Income Program Review is what you are about reading and this will discuss on Blog24 Review, How to Join Blog24 and also the Legit or Scam Review.

Disclaimer: Wasplight is not being paid to write this Review or am I trying to promote the Program. This Blog24 Review just assist you know much about the Program and to see Wasplight’s Opinion on it being Legit or Scam.

About Blog24 – Blog24 Review

This is an Income Program that is owned by BloggersTv – a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with Registration Number – RC 2895858. And the aim of this Program is to help Visitors of their site or members of their Program make money monthly through accomplishing various tasks and also paying for their membership. Below is one of their Claim.

“Blog24 is a noble idea created to fight poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture. We have successfully proved that we keep to our promise over-time. We make bold to say that we have employed and weekly paid many Nigerians more than some of the state governments.”

How Can I Earn on Blog24 – Review

In this Income Program, you can’t just earn for free. You have to pay a certain amount of money so that you can earn.

N/B: When you register a free account, you will not have earning ability until you upgrade your account to Premium or any other membership.

There are four Premium although two of them are active now while the remaining two are yet to come. Below are the premium.

1. Premium

Login Bonus= 100Naira.

Google Advert Share=200Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 1000naira.

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

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2. Gold Premium

Login Bonus= 200Naira.

Google Advert Share=400Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 2000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

The two below are yet to come but they are arriving soon for users to register.

3. Master Premium

Login Bonus= 300Naira.

Google Advert Share=400Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 3000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.


Login Bonus= 400Naira.

Google Advert Share=450Naira

Referrals =30% Cashout any time

Registration fees= 4000naira

Note: You Renew subscription Every 7day after you Cashout.

Vital Information

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How to Join Blog24 – Blog24 Income Program Review

Joining of Income Program is not a big deal. When you enter, just click on Register then answer the Questions in the form. Below is a picture of the form.
Blog24 Income Program Review

Blog24 Income Program Legit or Scam Review

Is this Program a Scam? There are lot of Programs that have ICT Registration numbers but yet they turn out to be a Scam. Blog24 Review will see to this fact.

For now, Blog24 is Legit and is paying members. I used the word for now because I am not too certain if the Program will be Legit till the end. Below are screenshot of payments to members.
Blog24 Review

You can help us Improve this Blog24 Income Program Review by dropping a comment below. Also, there is Love in Sharing.

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14 Comments on “Blog24 Income Program Review”

  1. blog24 didnt told us not to do multiple accs. Now after delay in payment there saying we’ll be blocked for having more than oneaccount which was not fair at all. They’re just looking for how to take our money because our upline told us we can do multiple accs

  2. Why is that blog24 as shutdown the website because will cannot able assess the site again. We be waiting for quick response from the management.

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