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BimaGold Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out now!



Bimagold Review
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Before you decide to join any platform, I will advise you check out an Online Review of that platform as this will help you play safe. Welcome to my BimaGold Review otherwise known as Review.

I will advise you read this Review till the end because there are lots of vital information that will be communicated here therefore any line skipped by result to you missing some information.

Disclaimer: isn’t being paid to write this Review. We are not trying to endorse this platform neither are we trying to tarnish their online reputation. We are just trying to convey information on the Subject so that people will be aware before investing.

Have you been asking questions of Is BimaGold Legit? Is BimaGold a Scam? Then I guess this Review will be of help to your questions.

Overview of BimaGold Review

Date Created: 27th July 2022

Domain Duration: One Year

Authenticity: Unverified (too early to judge)

Status: New

About BimaGold – What is

Bima Gold is a company that deals with dales and mining of refined gold. Bima Gold is among the leading gold merchants, mining and selling refined gold to the international market. Bima gold is officially registered with CAC 3711447

So the above information was seen on their website but it didn’t really do justice to explaining to us what this platform is all about.

This is another investment platform that claims one can go about getting some Profit after you purchase their gold. This platform also has an application which you can choose to download and install if you want to go about using the program.

Based on information from, their website was created on the 27th of July in 2022 which means as at the time of writing this Review this platform cannot be considered to be a new platform because it is more than one month.

How Does BimaGold Work? BimaGold Review

How does this platform work? This is an easy one and I will explain it in the steps below;

  1. Registration: This is the first stage for anyone that want to get started with the platform. All they have to do first is register providing their details. This attracts no charges at all which means registration on this platform is free.
  2. Investing: After the first stage, you move to the second which has to do with investing in the platform. There are gold packages one will have to choose from and they will earn some profit.
  3. Payment: BimaGold pays 20% on gold purchased have suffered alteration in some form. On the seventh day, one can sell their gold to BimaGold by clicking the sell button on their dashboard and get 20% profit from the gold purchased.

How to Earn on BimaGold Platform

Earning on this platform has two things involved or you have to do these two tasks before you can earn.

  1. Investing: Investing on this platform will generate you 20% of your investment in 7 days based on what was seen on their website.
  2. Referral: If one has a networking skill, they can harness it on this platform and will be able to generate themselves 10% as referral commission.

BimaGold Review – Review

I know you want to know the authenticity of this platform but as at the time of writing this article, haven’t heard of any fraudulent act from this platform neither have we seen any payment proof. Which means we are uncertain concerning the authenticity of the site at the moment.

They claim one can withdraw a minimum of 0.01USDT. All you need to do is to provide your USDT TRC20 wallet and request for withdrawal.

If you think this platform is Legit as at the time of you reading article, do well to drop a comment in the comment session. If you think it is a scam, also drop your thoughts below.

BimaGold Registration – How to Join BimaGold

Below are processes involved in joining this platform;

  1. Visit their website
  2. Create a profile by providing information
  3. Start performing tasks
  4. Start Earning

N/B: This is an Online platform therefore you should try to invest wisely. Bear in mind that isn’t endorsing this platform. We are just making a Review. Do well to invest in a platform after you have done research and can afford to lose that amount if anything goes wrong.

BimaGold Login – How to Login on BimaGold

This is a very simple process, all you have to do is visit their website and input your login information to enter your dashboard in some seconds.

Is BimaGold Legit

As I mentioned above, this platform is still new and can’t be considered Legit or Scam because we have not seen any payment proof or heard of any fraudulent act. You can help us improving this article by answering the question, Is BimaGold Legit as at the time of you reading this article?

Is BimaGold a Scam

Help us provide answer to this question if you have been defrauded by the platform or have been scammed by them. This will help us inform more people so that they won’t fall victims.

You have come to the ending of this BimaGold Review otherwise known as Review and we are glad you found it interesting and helping. You can help us improve this content by sharing your thoughts below for all to know.

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