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Income Program Review

Best Income Programs in Nigeria for 2020



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When using your smartphone to surf the internet, you may use almost all your Data and this has to be replenished. Some desperate Nigerians that are in a quest to make money online keep on typing Best Income Programs in Nigeria into Google Search Box. The Internet is an amazing way to make money and it provides various ways you can make revenue. Blogging, Freelancing, Affiliate are some ways to make revenue online. To add to this ways, Income Program is another way to earn a living. Do you know some persons get N30000 in a month from some Income Program? This article (Best Income Programs in Nigeria) will unveil to you some Platform that is known for paying and how you can maximize it for your benefit. These Platforms are examples of Online Money Making Opportunities in Nigeria.

With the vast development of Technology, the Internet now provides most things needed by Humans, such as Information, Shopping, Movie Download, E-book and lots more. As a Nigerian, this same Internet also has Online Money Making Opportunities that you can get involved in. What then are Income Programs?

What are Income Programs?

These are Platforms or Programs that enables individuals or users make money when they do some tasks that will be assigned to them. Once you get involved in an Income Program, you are being given some tasks and once you finish these tasks, you earn some cash. Some of these Income Programs demand that you pay some certain amount to register while some operates on a Free Registration Policy.

From survey, it is noticed that Most Nigerians are interested in Income Program and that is a good thing. I published over 20 Income Programs last month here in, and tracking my Performance on Google Console, it is noticed that people do search about these Programs.
Income Programs are best ways one can earn cool cash from the comfort of their homes using just their smartphones. The tasks given to you are things like; Reading News, Commenting, Referring and lots more. But the truth is that not all these Income Programs are great that is why I have decided to write based on my opinion Best Income Programs in Nigeria. Let’s now dive into the main subject of this article.

Best Income Programs in Nigeria

In no particular order, below is Opinion on Best Income Programs in Nigeria. As a disclaimer, I am not being paid to write about any of these Programs. This piece of writing serves as a guide to users of Income Program.


Best Income Programs in Nigeria
Who would believe that AtPays would be among my list? I wrote about Atpays Income Program Review last year and till today, AtPays still has lots of people trooping into this Program. You know why? Because they are still in the business of paying their users.
AtPays is a premium membership blog created with an aim to allow people, most especially Nigerians, to work and earn money Online while being updated with stories, poems, trends, events and real time happenings from around Nigeria and beyond.

How to Earn on AtPays

1. Welcome Bonus: You are given N400 as a welcome bonus.
2. Daily Login: AtPays gives you N100 for any day you login to your account.
3. Sharing Sponsored Posts: N200 is given for this task.
4. Referral Bonus: You can earn N900 when some registers through you affiliate link.
5. Reading News: N3 is attached as price tag for this simple task.

AtPays Review

This site still pays despite it being up to or close to a year. You can read AtPays Review for more information about this money making platform.

Vital Information

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Income Programs
Next on my list is Giftalworld. This site just celebrated one year of being in service. With the massive crowd trooping into this site, this platform is still paying.
Giftalworld Income Program is an online easy cash payment opportunity that is open for all. This is an incorporated organization, a registered e-commerce website with registration number: 2680874. Based on some comments from my Review, it happens to be that this website pays when you refer.

How to Earn on Giftalworld Income Program

1. Welcome Bonus: Once you sign up, you receive N500 as welcome Bonus.
2. Reading News: N10 is the price tag for this task.
3. Commenting: This also gives you N10
4. Daily Login: When you login to your account each day, you get N50
5. Referral: This pays the highest cash. In Giftalworld, N1300 is given for referring someone.

Giftalworld Review

This site has massive growth and they are still paying. Although based on comment from my Review of this platform, it shows that they pay for Referral. That means for you to earn, you really have to refer. You can read Giftalworld Review for more information about this Income Program.

Update: Giftalworld Income Program has crash.


Online Money Making Opportunities in Nigeria
The owner of this site might not even believe seeing his site make up my Best Income Programs in Nigeria. I wrote about this site on the 27th of August 2019 and this site is till having members despite they are up to a year or close to.
CandyNews is owned by Adekat Technologies, a registered and approved Information Communication Technology (ICT) firm in Nigeria with RC 2936339. This is a program that is aimed at fighting poverty by converting your time, data and activities online to make some money on daily basis.

How to Earn on CandyNews Income Program

1. Registration Bonus: They give N150 as welcome bonus or registration bonus.
2. Daily Login: N50 is given to you for daily login.
3. Sponsored Posts: N100 is given for this
4. Post submission: Any of your post that gets approved gives you N50
5. Commenting: You earn N5 per comment you make
6. Referral: N900 is credited to you when someone use your referral link to register.

CandyNews Review

I visited the website today and to my surprise, this website is doing just fine. An article in that site can be viewed by 9000+ persons in less than 24hrs. That means that they are still paying their users. You can Read CandyNews Review to get more information about this site.

The most amazing thing about this Platform is that it has a Free Registration. Among all the Income Programs I have written on, this seems to be the latest or should I say newest. I wrote about the Review in less than a month ago. is a platform that pays members for doing some tasks online. This is not like other Income Programs where you read articles and stuffs like that. Here in, you make use of your Instagram account to earn. When you are done with the Registration, you are given GIGS (tasks) to accomplish. Some of these tasks are liking pictures on Instagram, Following someone also.

How to Earn on

The price for a GIG differs on this platform. A task can earn you N50, N40, N20 or even N10. With this site, you can earn money or you can become popular on Instagram. Review

Despite this Program being a Free one, the task here is too much and sometimes it can get annoying. Although they pay their user. All you need to complete this Program is Patience. You have no cash to loss, be part of this Program. You can read Review for more information about this Income Program.

There are some other Income Programs in Nigeria that is amazing but based on Opinion, these are the Best Income Programs in Nigeria. You can read the Review of some other Platform on this site. The above listed Program are among the Online Money Making Opportunities in Nigeria.

Disclaimer: is not being paid for writing this article. I am not trying to promotes these Programs. And also, Wasplight will not be held responsible if these Programs are involved in any fraudulent act.

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