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BeReal App Legit or Scam Review

BeReal App Legit or Scam Review
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Most people have not heard of this new platform of making money but that is why I have decided to write a brief Review which is tagged BeReal App Review. Indeed there are ways of making money using a phone and internet. After reading this article you will know how to use BeReal App, How to Earn and BeReal App Legit or Scam Review.

BeReal App Legit or Scam Review

BeReal App Review

This App was released on the 6th of August 2019 by Hussian Subzwari. This is a new App that just hit the play store but have gotten lot of Nice Reviews and 5 star rating I guess the reason for this is because it is one of the procedure you go through before you earn.

How BeReal App Work – BeReal App Legit or Scam Review


First and foremost you have to be invited by someone that will help add you to the group chat on WhatsApp. Below is what you will see after joining.

You are Welcome to BeReal Video chatting Forum for the World.
If you are in this room know that you’re a promoter of this App (BeReal).
This is the only App in your phone that you download and use and get cash rewards daily.

How to Participate in BeReal – BeReal App Review.

1. Download and Install the App directly from Google Play store or App store.

2. Sign-in using your facebook username or Gmail account name.

BeReal App Review

3. Drop your username to the admin to compile the list of participants daily.

4. You go back to Play Store and Review the App by Rating it with 5-Stars. This is very necessary.

5. A list of questions will be asked on the group Chat and you are expected to answer them through the App by doing a short video.

6.. After confirming your Video comments, your cash reward per comment is #50. The accumulated cash will come to you through your Admin who lives with you.

6. On or before 24hrs is when reward is being released after confirming your comments.

N/B: To avoid delay in payment, accomplish No 4, (Rating).

BeReal App Legit or Scam Review – Wasplight Opinion

For now according to my discoverings the App pays. I have also received from them  but I don’t know if when it is  crowded if it will keep on paying. Also I guess the rating as a procedure you have to go through to get paid is because they want lot of people to trust the App.

If you are interested in joining, message me via WhatsApp at



This is all for now for BeReal App Legit or Scam Review but you can help by dropping any information you know.


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