BBN Omashola Biography

BBN Omashola
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Is it true Big Brother Naija makes people Celebrities? This statement has been believed by lot of individuals and to me, this is true. Once you step into Big Brother House, you are automatically a celebrity it all depends on how long you stay to make you a greater celebrity. Omashola is one of Big Brother Naija 2019 Contestants. BBN Omashola Biography is what you are about to see as you read through this article.

BBN Omashola Biography

BBN Omashola Biography

Omasholo state of origin is Delta State but has so stayed in Lagos that you can even hardly believe he is from Delta State. There are things about this guy that makes him unique. He is a Model and Entrepreneur who has generated his life motto which is “If you want it, go get it – don’t just sit down”. This his motto was somehow attributed to the fact that he can’t swim but loves being in the water (Swimming). One thing that happened to him is that he proposed to his Girlfriend and she turned him down by refusing the proposal which then made him to focus more on his career.

His appearance at Big Brother 2019 created huge questions by various Nigerians. Some of the question and his responds are:

1.) What irritates you most about other people: I hate liars.
2.) What will you do with the prize money: I will invest and triple it in less than a year.
3.) Why will you be a fan favourite: Because I’m different, I’m special and I have a story to tell.

Check below to see other amazing things about him.

BBN Omashola Age

I’m very sorry for not including this at the beginning of this article. BBN Omashola Age is 38 years. That is he was born in 1981.

BBN Omashola Career

If you have been reading this article keenly you will notice he is a Model and Entreprenuer. For now he is one of Big Brother 2019 Contestants and if he wins he might become a Business man because of his statement of making the money 3x greater in less than a year.

BBN Omashola

Omashola Hobby

BBN Omashola Biography would be imcomplete if I don’t include this part. He loves playing Basketball, he enjoys cooking and also swimming although he can’t swim that well.

BBN Omashola Relationship Status

He is a Single Guy. He had a Girlfriend which he tried to engage but she rejected him.

You can help his dream come true with your support by voting for him in the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2019.

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