Atpays Legit or Scam Review

Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria
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There are now lot of ways in the Internet that claim to help people through Paying them for some tasks they accomplish. Read and comment on news, Referral and Sharing of news is now a way of making money. Some of them might be free to join while some you have to pay a fee. The real question is “Which of them is Legit”. Atpays Legit or Scam Review is what is being Discussed as you go down this article.

I just had to do Atpays Review so that people can know how it works and also Wasplight will give its opinion if Atpays is Legit or Scam.

About Atpays – Atpays Review

The full name or meaning of Atpays is “Activities that Pays”. Its Website is is a premium membership blog created with an aim to allow people, most especially Nigerians, to work and earn money online while been updated with stories, poems, trends ,events and real-time happenings from around Nigeria and beyond!

Atpays Review

According to Atpays

That money that’s lying idle/dormant in your account can fetch you more…. Don’t be scared to invest as your return is certain
The riskest thing to do in this life is not to take any risk at all.

How Atpays Works

Atpays Legit or Scam Review is nothing without this section. Here you will know about Atpays Review and how it works.
When you register, there are some activities you have to complete so that you can make money from this Site.

The reward for your task are:

1.) Welcome bonus N400

2.) Daily login bonus N100

3.) Sharing sponsored posts N200

4.) Referral bonus of N900

5.) Posting of jokes, news, love stories and any sort of interesting information N100 per post

6.) Reading news N3

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How to Join Atpays

Joining this type of program is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is to register with just N1500 and start cashing out 2 times weekly (Mondays, Thursdays)

Minimum withdrawal is N500 for referral earnings and N3500 for non referral earners. Below is an image of the questions you have to answer during registration.

Adpays Legit or Scam Review

Atpays Premium Services

1.) Atpays offers premium services which include: premium comment and activities for bloggers, website and forum owners who would like to receive daily quality comments and attract traffic to their websites.

2.) Premium adverts for anyone who would like to advertise their good and services and attract traffic to a website, product(s), service(s) by linking to their website. Some of Our premium AD products include Banner ads, Text ads, Sponsored Links, etc. Advertisers may use these services to advertise their Business/Program /Product to all Users and visitors of our site.

3.) Premium online quiz games that not only challenges your intellect but gives you the opportunity to win instant money into your bank account and airtime of any sort.

4.) Earning Opportunity for premium Members that would like a earn a second income on the sideline using the power of referral marketing.
We share our profits from advertising revenue with all active Users every week of the month.

5.) Premium Members also get the chance to sell their products and services to visitors and members of the website and increase their customer base and also their revenue base.

Atpays Legit or Scam Review – Wasplight Opinion.

On my own I have not seen anyone one they pay, although i have heard of them paying. A friend of mine was supposed to get paid but he found out that he has to Refer first before withdrawing.

But why will a site force you to invest your money in them by using the sentence. “The riskest thing to do in this life is not to take any risk at all”.

I cannot definitely say it is Legit or a Scam for now.

There are some people they have paid already.


You can help me develop the article (Atpays Legit or Scam Review) by droping in the comment section what you know about this site.

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27 Comments on “Atpays Legit or Scam Review”

  1. I joined atpay 2 days ago I tried login the next day , it been displaying invalid email or username (which is correct) matter if fact the username and password is saved with Google account. I tried typing it in myself it still does the same thing. Pls could anyone help.

  2. Hello.. Pls I have 1k in my referral earnings.. Nd 9k in my activity earnings. I used FAME to withdraw. And I have not been paid.. What happen

  3. Atpays paid me but i was supposed to be paid 4k but i was paid 2k. what does that supposed to mean? well, i cant conclude that they are scam for now. let me watch the as they will pay me my balance of 2k.

  4. Well…av been applying for withdrawal for the last 2 month now and still didn’t see any sign of payment neither did they deduct my balance..and I have one referral …so I can’t really say if it’s legit or not

    1. I started ATP as a non-affiliate member(non referral). Was supposed to be paid on the 25th of the said month(6k or so). Today is March 6 and I’ve gotten nothing…yet(hopefully)

  5. Atpay is a confirmed and original legit scam when it get to time of paying then you will see right-up that says check back on Monday and Wednesday, it does not pay anything at all I even chatted someone from the group I registered the person said the same thing,
    I login on Wednesday 18 Dec this year o 2019 as usual all to see that my balance as been wiped off I was even wonder why so I posted to the group I register that why is the thing like this a member in the group responded that that is what she also experience so she as stop to login since the previous month on the 26

    Anyway anyhow atpay na scam last last, my #1500 is gone like that 🤷 hard earn cash

  6. I wish its possible to upload pics of my credit alerts. Atpays pays!
    I’m not saying it for it to be sweet but because I’m a benefactor.

  7. If I need to refer before I get paid then I conclude it’s a scam, what if I don’t get referrals? So my money is wasted?
    I got no time to refer, because I got no facebook account neither a whatsapp account, if I can’t get paid my funds, then they should Fuck off

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