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Apostle Joshua Selman Biography, Wiki, Age and Message



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There are preachers when you sit under their teachings there is a great chance of you being blessed. These are men of God that really know some mysteries of the Kingdom of God which they unlock while in their Secret place. Nigeria is blessed with lots of Powerful Pastors that is bringing the will of God on earth Have you heard of Apostle Joshua Selman I guess you have that is why you are reading this article at this point in time. But the true is that you don’t know much about him. This Apostle Joshua Selman Biography, Wiki, Wife and Messages will reveal some things you want to know.

Try not to skip any line of this article because vital Information is shared in all lines. Any line skipped might lead to losing an Important Information that will guide you.

Apostle Joshua Selman Biography

Apostle Joshua Selman is a Nigerian Teacher of the Word, an Apostle as we all know and the founder of Eternity Network International (ENI) a ministry which he started in 2011.

He was born on the 25th of June in 1980 probably in Zaria. Joshua Selman is a Bachelor Degree holder, a degree he got from Ahmadu Bello University where he started preaching the gospel and ministering to students in campus.

This man of God is a teacher of the Word that you would love to listen to because he unveils some dynamins of the Kingdom that is locked up but to be revealed by the Spirit of God. The Spirit teaches this Preacher things because he is a man of the secret place where he meets with his God (the Lord Almighty).

Apostle Joshua Selman Age

He was born on the 25th of June in 1980 which means as at the time of writing this article, he is 40 years old. Although his Birthday is just a few days from today.

Apostle Joshua Selman Educational Background

Education is a good thing and this minister did not ignore education. He is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.

Vital Information

Are you born again? Jesus Christ is coming very soon, will you be raptured? Where will you spend your eternity? Repent and be saved, accept Christ today to avoid eternal damnation. You can’t tell if you will see tomorrow. Take this chance today.

Apostle Joshua Selman ENI

ENI is a ministry he started in 2011 and since then it has been growing rapidly. Eternity Network International is a gospel organization, charged with the duty to transform lives by revealing several mysterious dimensions of God through worship and through the decoding of scriptures. Koinonia is a place for the gathering of Christians where they share the word of God.

Joshua Selman started his ministry in 2011 but has been preaching since he was in the University. He was committed to God even when he was small. Thank God for another fact they he attend a good Secondary School where the Word was thought.

This Minister has been invited to different Universities to teach the Word of God among which University of Port Harcourt during their yearly Come and See (CAS) program in 2018.

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Apostle Joshua Selman Wiki or Bio

Name:Joshua Selman
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Teacher of the Word/ Apostle
Age: 40 years old
Birthday: 25th June
Marital Status: Single

Apostle Joshua Selman Messages

Below are some of his messages.
1. The Emergence (a series)
2. Give me this Mountain
3. Come up Hither
4. Doer of the Word
5. For your Glory
6. Glory of His Presence
7. God’s meeting place.

Apostle Joshua Selman Wife

Currently, Apostle Joshua Selman is not married.

Apostle Joshua Selman Net Worth

Some persons that search for Apostle Joshua Selman Biography also search for his Net Worth. The truth it is difficult to know most ministers net worth because they don’t live for God’s purpose.

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