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Animals with special abilities you don’t know about

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The Universe is surrounded with various type of living organisms that even some have not been noticed by Scientists. Animal being a type of the living organism is so unique because of their possessions of brains, their ability to retain things and respond to stimuli. Everywhere in the world has Animals with special abilities.

Some of these animals display various social skill that leaves us in amazement. Some can perform some acts that seems impossible for humans. In this article, we are going to expose you to some hidden lifestyle or ability of some animals.

These abilities might be what you know already and can also be a mind-blowing fact for you. Some of the Animals with special abilities include:

  1. Bees

These are flying insects known for their role in pollination (being one ability). Without this bees, honey would be impossible to produce because the little creatures produce it. These are not just small creatures, they have some amazing characteristics which are;

  • Ability to recognized Human faces: The same way we recognize others faces, Bees do the same. They take distinct elements of the face (which are nose, lip, eyes eyebrows…) and merge them together to make a recognizable face.
  • Bees’ Brains can halt the Aging Process: When older Bees perform function of younger Bees, they have the ability to learn new things. This also helps them to stop their brain’s aging process.
  • Bee Stings can cure rheumatism: There are claims that the sting from a bee can cure rheumatism. But it has to be perform by an expert. It is discovered that the venom from a bee contains molecules that cause an increase in natural hormones in the body that regulate inflammation.
  1. Dogs

Dogs are among the Animals with special abilities, maybe that’s why it is man’s best friend and pet. There are many species of dogs which include; Bloodhound, Brittany, Bulldog, Chow Chow, German Shepherd etc. Let’s explode you mind on some abilities of dogs, which include;

  • Sense of Smell 1,000 times better than you: This is not something you need to be told except you haven’t seen a dog. Their ability to smell things is 1,000 times better than humans. Scientifically, they have 125 million to 300 million scent glands compared to that of human being 5 million. This helps them to keep track of someone from miles away.
  • Ability to hear better than human: They are just like wolf, they can hear things 4 times better than the way humans do. This special ability keeps people stunned.
  • Ability to smell disease: Dogs can detect some disease faster than any machine on planet earth. It has been discovered that some trained dog have the ability to diagnose cancer and malaria. There are lot of other diseases they can discover.
  • Dogs have their own Fingerprint: just like humans, they possess their various finger print. Also, there Urine can corrode metal because of the acid present.
  1. Dolphins

These are intelligent marine creature, they are social animal. Dolphins are the most friendly sea creature. Despite this, there are some abilities they possess which excite scientists.

  • Healing Process: This animal has the ability to regenerate a wounded skin. When humans get injured, scar would be created as a result in healing of the wound. But in dolphins, those scar are not there. Also they don’t bleed out because they know how to control the flow of blood.
  • Ability to endure pain: They feel pains because they have nerve cells, but they can endure such pain. A wounded dolphin has the ability to snub pain, acting as if all is well. It is believed dolphin produce a natural Painkiller.
  • Ability to look two different images at once: With its special vision ability, a dolphin can see behind themselves thus escapes fast from predators. Also each eyes can move independently making them see two different images with separate eyes.
  1. Tortoises

Everyone would have guessed that a tortoise is one of the Animals with special abilities. Do you know a Tortoise is a turtle, but a turtle isn’t a Tortoise. There are various things amazing things it can perform which include;

  • Living for long: Although this is a gift given to a Tortoise by nature. A Tortoise can live so long, it can live up to the age of 200 because their lifespan is between 90 – 250. Funny right?
  • Slow but determined: This creature is known for its slow nature. It takes time for it to transport itself to a place. But do you know that a tortoise can cover large distances of about 6.4km every day.
  1. Chameleons

This animal adapts to climbing and visual hunting. They are known for their change in coloration. This enables them run from predators. This ability is not only the special ability this animal possess. Let’s mention a few of its ability.

  • Eyes move independently: Since they are reptile, they can move their eyes independently at about 360-degree scope of vision. This enables them to see predators and preys easily.
  • Long and sticky tongues: One fact about their tongue is that it is two or three times the length of their bodies. Their tongue helps them to capture prey faster and easier. It uses a very great speed to eject its tongue out from his mouth, making prey helpless from running.

All these are Animals with special abilities that keep people amaze. There are other animals with special abilities but we have decided to mention just few of them. That means, the Creator has done a wonderful job in His creation.

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