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Airtel TV App Review



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Its been long since I wrote an App Review. There are lots of amazing Apps coming to Playstore daily but for some months now, my attention was shifted to Income Programs and Biography of some Celebrities. One of the reasons I decided to write about this App you are about reading is because it is so amazing. Imagine an App that gives you 3GB for a week. Isn’t that amazing? Airtel TV App Review will unveil lots of things about this new App and also How To Get Free 3GB On Airtel TV App will be discussed. Be careful not to skip any line of this article because vital information are locked in every line.

About Airtel TV App

Airtel TV offers you unlimited access to the best video-on-demand (VOD) content from around the world. Watch and stream thousands of popular movies, TV series, documentaries, sports events, skits, kids, music videos, gospel music and more from Nollywood, Bollywood, Zollywood and Hollywood (coming soon).

Airtel TV App Review
With Airtel TV App, you also get to watch popular TV channels such as Al Jazeera, Bloomberg Television, Trace (Urban, Africa, Mziki, Tropical, Gospel and Sport Stars), Gametoon, Fashion Box, Bollywood, Nautical, God TV, and Inspiration TV among others.
This is just like having a DSTV in your mobile phone. Wow this is indeed amazing.

Features of Airtel TV App

Below are some Features of Airtel TV App. There are some others but these few are more important.

• Data Saver Options: In a quest to reduce how your data runs, you can select your preferred streaming quality to save your data. How can this be done? Go to ‘Menu’>>’Settings’>>’Playback Quality’ and then select either low, medium or high quality and save.

• No subscription is required! However, data charges apply.

• Create a watch list that you can watch later.

• Access to a variety of genres such as Drama, Romance, Action, Comedy, Music, Faith/Religion, Health/Fitness, Kids and Documentaries.

• Browse through titles or search for your favorite movies, videos, channels by entering related fields.

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• Movies are available in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and English language.

• Regular newsletters to notify you of new releases

• Great content for your kids as well as for bonding with the family.

• Share videos with friends and family; click on the share button on the movie/show/video page and then select where you want to share and with whom.

• Lock screen option available

• Register with your mobile number to enable Airtel maintain your playback status and keep track of your subscription.

Vital Information

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How Can I Sign Up To Airtel TV App?

• Download the Airtel TV App from Google Play Store or Apple store and install it.

• Launch the app and click “Register”
Get Free 3GB on Airtel TV App

• Enter your Registered Airtel Phone number and Email address and click “continue”

• Enter the 4 digit OTP received on your device then confirm.

• To complete your registration, go to your mail box and verify your email address by clicking the button “Verify Email Address”. You can also verify your email address later.

• Now you are all set to browse through the catalogue and stream any content or channel of your choice.

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Now the big question is How To Get Free 3GB on Airtel TV App. Airtel is indeed a network that values it’s customers because recently what was trending was How to get 1GB from Airtel App now 3GB is available. The next header will treat that big question.

How To Get Free 3GB on Airtel TV App

Before you can be eligible for this offer, you need 3 major things; A smartphone, a registered Airtel Sim and Data. Once you’ve gotten these three things, you are ready to go.

The steps on getting this free 3GB are outlined above but will be outlined again

1.) Download the App from Playstore – Click here to do that.

2.) Register when you launch the App

3.) Enter your registered Airtel phone number, then an automatic OTP will be generated.

4.) Congrats you have gotten the Free 3GB on Airtel TV App for 7days.

5.) Dial *140# to verify.

Airtel TV App Review

Some App creators just deceives people with false description. Some persons might be wondering if this free 3GB will be a Scam. Network company as Airtel cannot be a Scam. This Free 3GB is Legit. Enjoy your free GB for 7days.

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