Advarnet Legit or Scam Review

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Almost Everyday, new means of money making comes to Limelight in the internet. There are various platform now online where one can make money from. In my search for such Platform on how to make money online, I came cross Advarnet. I decided to write this article I tagged Advarnet Legit or Scam Review. After Reading this Advarnet Review, you will know how the program works and if there is a Suspicious act in it.

What is Advarnet?

This is an advertisement platform with shared community interest. This platform pays users for seeing and reacting to Ads. It is also a platform that helps regular individuals to benefit from the ads economy. Advarnet is brought by LeadWay.

In a lay term, Advarnet is a program in which you react (Click) on Advertisement and at the end of the month you can probably get paid if you reach the minimum Cashout level. How does this program work? Find out soon.

How Does Advarnet Program Work – Advarnet Review

Advarnet receives Ads from businesses and individuals which are then displayed on their user’s dashboard. You can promote your business with them with the following easy steps:

1.) Login to your dashboard from the top menu

2.) Select manage Ads

3.) Fill out the form and make your payment. 

How Can I Create an Account on Advarnet?

Creating an account is a very easy process. All you have to do is to fill the form that you will see. Below are the processes

1.) Fill the form with your correctly

2.) After your account has been created successfully, login to the email address you just signed up with

3.) Check your inbox or spam for verification message

4.) Click on the verification link to verify your email address.

Below are questions you have to key in answers to in the form.

Advarnet Legit or Scam Review

How Do I Earn in Advarnet Program – Advernet Legit or Scam Review?

First-time Account Power-up
It is required that every new account must be power-up using a unique power code which you can get from here before Ads can be displayed on their dashboard.

Once you powerup your account, you’ll be given 20 click power and 15 Ads will be displayed on your dashboard. click power is the amount you receive when you click on any Ads.

So, 20 click power means you can earn 20 * 15 = ₦300 daily for just clicking on Ads.

Note: you can improve your daily earning by increasing your click power.

How Much can I Earn from Advarnet

You can earn up to N300 daily.

N300 * 30 days = ₦9,000 monthly from just clicking on Ads.

30 click power = 30 * 15 Ads = ₦450 daily and ₦13,500 monthly

50 click power = 50 * 15 Ads = ₦750 daily and ₦22,500 monthly

80 click power = 80 * 15 Ads = ₦1,200 daily and ₦36,000 monthly

100 click power = 100 * 15 Ads = ₦1,500 daily and ₦45,000 monthly

The maximum click power is 100.

Advarnet Legit or Scam Review

Advarnet Review is the real course of this article. The question now is “Is Advarnet a Scam? In my discovery I found out that Advarnet is a Scam the reason for this conclusion is because of my Friends Experience.

I was speaking to a former member of Advarnet and he told me that after paying to join and working hard when it is time for Payment they keep telling him “Request cannot be placed on a Query. Try again later” . Below is a Screenshot…



Wasplight View on Advarnet

I will Advise Wasplight Fans not to try it as it is a kind of suspicious because of the encounter a Friend of mine got from it.

N/B: I am not paid to write this. Therefore if the Article offends you, don’t take it personal because  no hate attached to anyone.

You can do Wasplight a favour by Sharing this link. The reason for sharing is because it will get to someone that really needs it.

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