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AbitNetwork Review – Legit, Scam or Crashed? Find out!



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With the rise of price of Cryptocurrencies, new e-currencies are being founded for people to get and wait till it appreciates. Have you heard of TATCOIN? This happens to be one of the newest Crypto and it was founded by a Nigerian. ABiTnetwork is a platform that deals with this Cryptocurrency.

After reading this AbitNetwork Review, you will know more about the platform and some thoughts about this Cryptocurrency called TATCOIN. Will it appreciate some?

Try to read all lines of this article because vital information are being shared. Any line missed will result in you missing a very important information. Let’s get started with the Review then.

Disclaimer: is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.

Is ABiTnetwork a Scam? Is ABiTnetwork legit? Find out!


About AbitNetwork |

Our goal is to empower Africans with the right knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The long term benefit is the rise of smart 21st century investors and traders who will be at the forefront of blockchain innovation. We are aiding this rise with the introduction of various marketplaces that harness the powers and advantages provided by blockchain technology”.

The founder of this platform is no one but Gaius Chibueze which is also known as BitcoinChief. TATCOIN happens to be Africa’s most valuable utility token. With AbitNetwork, you can get some amount of TATCOIN which is valued currently at the rate of N44.90 for 1 TAT.

Tatcoin is a tradable token in the cryptocurrency market that would be used as the official transactional currency of the AbitNetwork.

This utility token is focused on simplifying payment for goods and services and every users on this platform (AbitNetwork) will be in possession of it. Using this coin on AbitNetwork would include discounted rates on every product and services.

There are some Products on this platform and some are yet to be launched. The header below will give a hint.

Products on AbitNetwork | Abitnetwork Review

Below are some of the Products on this platform that you should know about although there are some other products also.

ABiTrader: With our simple system you can learn and trade cryptocurrency from anywhere using your mobile phone. You can use this platform to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies profitably and you can also invest in crypto using this platform.

ABitFarm: You can invest in our generational products agro business which guarantees great returns on investment. This App is available on both Android and IOS.

ABiTCrowd: We have simplified real estate investment, making it possible for you to invest in real estate online and for as low as $15. This product is yet to come.

ABit Go: We’ve created the perfect travel partner for you that will guarantee you have easy, affordable and amazing trips. This is also coming soon.

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Who is the Founder of AbitNetwork | Abitnetwork Review

The CEO of this platform is Gaius Chibueze which is also known as BitcoinChief. His image is seen on their website and a video of him explaining the platform also.

ABiTnetwork Review

As at the time of writing this Review, this platform is not a scamming platform. Bitcoin is a Crypto that has gone high and some persons were unable to get it when it was low. Will Tatcoin be another BTC?

No one knows what tomorrow holds but information has it that a total supply of 200,000,000 TAT was released. If one can get some amount of this and it increases, you can be one of the Crypto millionaires.

There are lots of Products associated with this platform for users to make use of. Currently, the worth a TAT is $0.09 which is 44.90 in Naira. As at last year it was $0.08 which means it is increasing gradually.

ABiTnetwork Login

This is a simple process, all you have to do is to visit their website (, click on the Menu and you will see Login. All you need to finish the ABiTnetwork Login is to provide your correct login details.

Summary of ABiTnetwork Review

Getting TAT should be one of the motives of lovers of Cryptocurrencies because if it increases you can gain massively. AbitNetwork is a platform that helps people deal with Tatcoin.

Is ABiTnetwork Legit

As at the time of writing this article, this platform is Legit and no report has been gotten from any users of this platform that it is a scam.

You can help improve this AbitNetwork Review by dropping a comment below for all to read and understand. Do you feel there are some information needed that are not here? Drop a comment also for all to see.

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