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5 Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria



Medical Related Courses
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Medical Related Courses are courses that are being offered in the University or College and are most related to the part or function of the body, or even how they work. In a Nigerian University there are various types of courses that fall under this category. But the big talk of the day is that some of these courses studied in the University are not too valued in Nigeria. That is why I tagged this article to be “Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria”.

Thousands of students get registered to Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (Jamb) Examination in order to get admission into Tertiary Education and some of them are given this courses. The purpose of this article is to list down the courses and state the hope of those studying such Courses. Below are list of Medical Related Courses in Nigeria offered by Nigerian Universities.

Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria

List of Medical Related Courses in Nigeria

¶ Medicine and Surgery
¶ Pharmacy
¶ Human Anatomy
¶ Biochemistry
¶ Veterinary Medicine
¶ Human Physiology
¶ Medical Laboratory
¶ Physiotherapy
¶ Medical Physics. Etc

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Among the above Courses, there are some that are difficult to find a good job with in Nigeria. Not that the courses are not good or not competitive but the whole thing is that in Nigeria they are not given their priority. The reason this course are being neglected in Nigeria is not fully known maybe because of the mindset of people or because of our healthcare sector. Let’s now go down to the list of the Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria.

Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria

The listing of these courses are in no particular order.

1.) Human Anatomy: Anatomy as a whole is the branch of Biology that studies the structure of organism and their parts. In a nutshell, human Anatomy is the study of the Parts of Humans. This courses is a very competitive Course in Nigerian Universities but I had to list it under the Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria.

Most Anatomist in Nigeria are not able to optimize their potential because of the fact that they hardly secure a job. Most time the place regarded for Anatomist in Nigeria is either the Mortuary or the Lecture room as a lecturer.

Work Place for Anatomist outside Nigeria
¶ They work in companies that   produce Artificial Human Parts
¶ Anatomist work in the Hospital to Educate Doctors
¶ They work in Medical and Scientific Publishing Firms
¶ Trainers of Pharmacist, Nurses and Dentists.
¶ As a Lecturer in the University.

In Nigeria Anatomist are mostly not found in the above area of work. Along this article you will see a suggestion for those studying this courses.

Medical Related Courses

2.) Veterinary Medicine: This is well known by almost every one and is one of the best Medical Related Courses but it’s for Animals. Veterinary Medicine is a part of Medicine that specializes on the treatment of animals when they are sick. In Nigeria animals are not taken care off when they are sick.

Places where Veterinary Doctors work abroad
¶ In the health department of a Zoo
¶ Having their own Animal Clinic

3.) Human Physiology: These is another Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria. In the recent years Anatomy and Physiology go hand in hand. But now they are being separated. Human Physiology is the study of how the Parts of the Human Body function. Just like some courses, this course is a competitive one that has slim of getting a better job in Nigeria.

Places a Physiologist work Abroad
¶ Research Centers and Academic Institution
¶ Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Company
¶ Private Sector Hospital
¶ Health care organization.

But in Nigeria they are best just regarded as lecturers. This has led to their slim chances of getting a Job here in Nigeria.

4.) Medical Physics: In Nigerian Universities this course is hardly found. Medical Physicist uses varieties of analytical and bioengineering technique in their work such as x ray imaging, ultrasound. Etc. They work with medical technical staff. Medical physicists are also involved in the development of new instrumentation and technology for use in diagnostic radiology.

5.) Physiotherapy: According to

Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury, disease and disorders through physical methods such as exercise, massage, manipulation and other treatments over medication and surgery.

In Nigeria this course is another the Unvalued Medical Related Courses although it is the least in this category. That is, it is quite valued.

Places they work Abroad
¶ They work in sport club
¶ Physiotherapist work in hospital
¶ They work in private Sector.

All these courses don’t have high ground in Nigeria. Nevertheless people studying this courses should not be discouraged or disappointed because there is a hope.

Suggestions for those Studying these Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria

¶ Human Anatomist can open their own Artificial Human Parts Production company
¶ Veterinary Doctor can create their own clinic without waiting for the government.
¶ Human Physiologist can work hand in hand with Anatomist to run a company.
¶ Medical Physicist can become job creator rather than a job seeker.
¶ Physiotherapist is in good chance of creating their clinic for sick ones.

All these Unvalued Medical Related Courses in Nigeria are great courses, if you are studying one of them you should find yourself lucky. But it does not end there, you need to be creative so that you can create a nice job opportunity for yourself.

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