10+ Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria

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Christmas is a season of celebration that is marked all over the world. This is a time where families come from different places to unite together and enjoy the festive period together. Don’t you think you need money to make this Christmas or this festive period a Great one to compare with the other previous years’? This article is aimed at feeding you with information that will help you earn, though not too much but at least earn a little to make your Christmas more fun. 10+ ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria is an article you might not regret reading.

I wrote an article about How to Make Money in a Nigerian University, I guess you don’t mind reading that article because it is useful for Students. Also, if you are a writer, there is an article I wrote tagged Ways to Make Money Online through Writing. Try reading these two articles, they will help know How to make money.

N/B: Patience is the key.

Let’s get down to the business of the day which is 10+ Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria. Below are ways to Make Yourself an Earner this Christmas:

10+ Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria

1.) Start a Blog:

Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria

This might look funny, someone might be asking the question; if I start a blog now, can a start earn before Christmas? The answer to that question is 80% no. Blogging is not something you start and immediately start earning, it takes time except you are a guru in blogging. You can start a blog and start earning before next Christmas. Why don’t you start a Blog now? Although there are Disadvantages in Blogging but I believe you can scale through.

2.) Make Money Through Atpays:

Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria

Many Income program surfaced in the internet this year, one can get involved in one of them and by completing the activities assigned to a user, and one can start earning. Income Programs aren’t as difficult as blogging when it comes to earning at first. Read about my Atpays Income Program Review so that you will know how it works.

3.) Become an Affiliate:

Do you have a website already? You can become an affiliate to those company that needs affiliates. This is a festive period therefore lot of companies will want to give discount on sales. Such companies needs the masses or customers to about them thereby permit affiliate. As an affiliate, you earn from any sale made through your link.

4.) Become a Sales Person:

This is a holiday period for both College (University) and High School (Secondary School) Students. One can enroll to work as a Sales Boy or Sale Girls and earn. Everyone wants to go shopping so therefore all shops will have to increase their workers. Get a Job and Start earning.

5.) Through Concerts:

One thing people love about Christmas is Concert that is why I decided to include it in this 10+ Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria. How do I make money from concerts? Are you can Instrumentalist or a Vocalist? Hire a band and fix a concert people will attend and pay what is known as Gate fee

6.) Playing the Instrument:

Still on concerts matters, if you know how to pay an instrument, you can be hired to come display your talent or skill. You have to be noticed, move around and tell people you know that can help you that you know to play an instrument.

7.) Become a Brand Ambassador:

If you have social media influence, what I mean by social media influence – when you have lot of followers online. You can use it to earn. You can just meet and brand and discuss on be an ambassador which will help you earn. This is time to take advantage of your media.

8.) Make Money with your Car:

The street is now filled up with lot of people, and they will definitely need a means of transportation. If you don’t mind, this is an avenue of making money. You can start using your car to run on street.

9.) Make Money as a Writer

If you read that my article above on Ways to Make Money Online through Writing, you are at advantage. If you did not, you can still read it here. You can even make money offline by writing interesting novels and short stories for story lovers to read.

10.) Through ViralTrend

ViralTrend Legit or Scam Review

This is another means of making money online just like Atpays where you complete tasks and get paid in return. I wrote a Review about this Program also, you can read it here.

11.) Through Oriflame Business

I was once Oriflame consultants. When I mean consultant – someone that helps sell the company’s products. In Oriflame, you can buy with at cheaper price and sell at Company’s price. You get about 30% profit. Trust me, this is a major way of getting money as a Nigerian Youth or Adult. If you want join this Company, message (+2348139617922 via WhatsApps).

These are the 10+ Ways to Make Money for Christmas in Nigeria. You can help by sharing this article.

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